When Tesla Cybertruck was revealed last year, it was accompanied by a matching, unnamed ATV. No details were offered and that means, you and I probably not going to see an official CyberATV, ever. As it turns out, ‘see’ you can because, someone has built an actual electric Tesla Cyberquad.

Custom Built Tesla Cyberquad by Rich Rebuilds

That someone, my friend, is YouTuber Rich Rebuilds. Granted, Rich’s Tesla Cyberquad is not component-for-component the vehicle we saw at the Cybertruck unveiling, but it does look the part and most importantly, it is also electric powered.

This custom one-off Tesla Cyberquad was based off a Yamaha Raptor 700 quad bike which, according to Rich, was what the CyberATV appeared to based on. The electric quad is powered by an electric motor was borrowed from a Zero electric motorcycle and so was the battery pack.

Custom Built Tesla Cyberquad by Rich Rebuilds

The finishing touch was the body created by Rich’s friend, Steve, and as mentioned, the result does indeed look the part. But looks is just one part of this awesome build; this “Cyberquad” is a beast of ATV.

It is a 4 seconds monster, topping over 100 miles an hour. Either number is insane even an automobile, not to mention a quad bike!

You can learn more about this amazing build in the video below. Trust me, it will be well worth the watch whether or not you are a fan of Tesla.

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Images: Instagram (richiebkidd)/YouTube (Rich Rebuilds).

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