Tesla Dating App by Ajitpal Grewal

Believe it or not, there’s a Tesla Dating app exclusively for Tesla electric vehicle owners, or at least there may be one. OK. That’s half true. I mean the site is real, for sure, but it started out as a parody site. But, but, it may very well become a thing if there’s enough, you know, demand. I am seeing other sites reporting like as if it is a real thing. However, a report by The Verge seems to suggest otherwise.

Tesla Dating App by Ajitpal Grewal

Last checked, the website have removed the mock up that resembles that of Tinder-like dating app. So, it is a no-go? I don’t know. Then again, you can actually sign up for “early access”. But you do have to prove Tesla ownership to qualify.

I did not try signing up because, I ain’t got a Tesla. So I don’t know where the sign up form will lead you to. Perhaps, a page that says, “Gotcha! You have been punked?” I really don’t know. And how’s the verification going to play out, we have no idea.

Tesla Dating App by Ajitpal Grewal

The rationale behind this parody, and possibly a real app in time to come, is that people who owns a Tesla EV should click. Well, so are people who own Apple products exclusively. How come there isn’t app for Apple fans to connect?

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In any case, the Tesla Dating app was a creation of Canadian Ajitpal Grewal. So, if you need further details or verification, he is the person to look for.

Images: Ajitpal Grewal via The Verge.

Source: The Verge/Rich Rebuilds.