Believe it or not, there’s a Tesla Dating app exclusively for Tesla electric vehicle owners, or at least there may be one. OK. That’s half true. I mean the site is real, for sure, but it started out as a parody site. But, but, it may very well become a thing if there’s enough, you know, demand. I am seeing other sites reporting like as if it is a real thing. However, a report by The Verge seems to suggest otherwise.

Tesla Dating App by Ajitpal Grewal

Last checked, the website have removed the mock up that resembles that of Tinder-like dating app. So, it is a no-go? I don’t know. Then again, you can actually sign up for “early access”. But you do have to prove Tesla ownership to qualify.

I did not try signing up because, I ain’t got a Tesla. So I don’t know where the sign up form will lead you to. Perhaps, a page that says, “Gotcha! You have been punked?” I really don’t know. And how’s the verification going to play out, we have no idea.

Tesla Dating App by Ajitpal Grewal

The rationale behind this parody, and possibly a real app in time to come, is that people who owns a Tesla EV should click. Well, so are people who own Apple products exclusively. How come there isn’t app for Apple fans to connect?

In any case, the Tesla Dating app was a creation of Canadian Ajitpal Grewal. So, if you need further details or verification, he is the person to look for.

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Images: Ajitpal Grewal via The Verge.

Source: The Verge/Rich Rebuilds.

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