We have never been this excited over Transformers toys, let alone a third-party example, since like, well, never. I am super serious. What you see here is the Transformers Devastator as seen in the movie Revenge of the Fallen here. But for obvious legal reasons, this third-party creation is not called Transformers and Devastator and it does not have Transformers branding anywhere.

Devil Saviour Third-party Transformers Devastator

Coming from a new kid in third-party Transformers toy scene is Guangzhou-based Devil Saviour (formerly, Bombusbee) with its maiden and ambitious product called Troublemaker. Don’t let the unassuming name fool you. This third-party creation will completely blow the Studio Series out of the water.

It is the most movie accurate Devastator money can buy. Out of the box, it will feature weathering details, such dust and worn surfaces as expected of construction equipment. It is hard describe the level the details it has. Instead we invite you to have a look at the official images posted by Devil Saviour on its Weibo page in February.

Devil Saviour Third-party Transformers Devastator

Do note that only Mix Master (DS-01 Split) and Scavenger (known as DS-02 Giant Axe) are colored while the rest of the bots are in its prototype grey. That said, yes, it has all eight vehicles – all of which are transformable into robot mode.

At this point, Devil Saviour has released just one model, DS-01, which has a third mode, the cannon mode. In case you are wondering if this too-good-to-be-true third party Transformers model is even real… well, it very real.

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This is how movie-accurate it is:

Devil Saviour Third-party Transformers Devastator

The DS-01 is already out in the wild. You can also find it being reviewed by several YouTubers at this point. Before you get all ga-ga over this, you have know that this as movie accurate as it can be Devastator does not come cheap.

The DS-01 sells for around $116 in stateside. That’s not cheap for a single Transformers toy. Then again, this isn’t a toy. This is an engineering marvel.

Devil Saviour Third-party Transformers Devastator

Anywho, if you are looking to get all eight vehicles, then you have to be prepared to drop around $700 for the entire setup. Speaking of which, you can find online toy stores selling the DS-01 Split as well as taking pre-orders for the rest of the vehicle.

Before you jump on it, be warned that it might be quite a wait before you can combine the entire fleet because, we read on Weibo that there has been delayed. Considering how complex this is, I am entirely surprised.

You bet I am all onboard. So much so that I am prepared to ditch my Takara Tomy Metroplex and all other Hasbro Transformers just for this big guy.

Devil Saviour Third-party Transformers Devastator

Images: Weibo (@DevilSaviour).

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