[email protected] Cookie Monster Costume Ver. Figure Gets A Coat Of Fur And Googly Eyes

Are you familiar know [email protected]? Since its introduction in 2001, it has taken on many forms, from collabs with fashion brands to collabs with pop culture characters to collaboration with artists. Whatever form it took , it is always limited to graphics or paint job.

Forget About Cel-Shading, This Guy Here Does Manga-style Repaint On Action Figures!

You know cel-shade? If you don’t know, there’s an example HERE. Cel-shading is a painting technique that replaces gradient with flat colors and shadows, thus making an object (mostly toys) looks like hand-drawn artwork seen in cartoons. Well, I say, forget about Cel-shading because, someone in China has taken cartoon-style repaint up a notch.

Dr. Martens Collaborates With Medicom Toy For Latest 1460 Remastered

Marking 60 years since the debut of the now iconic Dr. Martens 1460 boots is this latest collaboration with Japanese toy maker Medicom Toy as part of the British footwear maker’s 1460 Remastered releases.

Scream’s Ghost Face Sixth Scale Figure Is Ready To Stalk Your Shelves

Ahhh… the Ghost Face – possibly one of the most recognizable horror movie characters to emerged in the 90s. Now, you can have a piece of him – voice over by Roger L. Jackson not included – on your altar of horrors with the Ghost Face Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles.

Yolopark x Transformers IIES 24” Optimus Prime Figure: Very Advanced Collectible Figure

The world of collectible figures is going to get a shake up by the Yolopark x Transformers IIES 24-inc Optimus Prime Figure. The leader of Autobots may not have a lot of screen time, but it sure has a lot of love as a collectible figure. The latest is the Yolopark x Transformers IIES 24″ […]

Hasbro Wants To Make The Mandalorian’s Razer Crest A Vintage With This New HasLab Project

HasLab, Hasbro’s very own crowdfunding platform, started in 2018 with the Jabba’s Sail Barge. Two years on and several other projects in between, Hasbro has return to Star Wars. This time, the new icon of the Star Wars universe, the Razer Crest, the space ride of the space cowboy seen in The Mandalorian.

Custom Transformers G1 He-Man Crossover Figure Is Brilliant, But Never Going To Happen

Given Hasbro’s love for crossover with 80s’ pop culture, we are surprised that He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is not on its sight. Oh, wait. That’s the property of its major competitor, Mattel. OK. Never mind.

Updated Barnyard Commandos Action Figures Are Posable Unlike The Originals

If the farm animals in George Orwell’s Animal Farm were the mutated, intelligent Barnyard Commandos, they wouldn’t need countless secret meetings to plot the overthrowing of the humans. They’d just go out there spraying their big guns at the clueless human farmers.