Transformers x Universal Monsters Dracula Transforming Action Figure

Transformers are also known as robots in disguise because they disguise themselves as virtually anything, including as a bat. Speaking of the bat, through the franchise’s history, there have been two varieties of Transformers bat: Ratbat and Mindwipe, and now, these two have been joined by the most infamous bat of all time: Dracula.

Evangelion Unit 01 Will Appear Again In Shinkalion Z In A Crossover Episode

In Japan, there’s an anime that has bullet trains transforming into giant Shinkalion x Evangelion Crossover Anime Japanrobots. No. It is not Transformers or Diaclone. But it does have something in common with Transformers and Diaclone; they are properties of Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy.

McFarlane Batman Year Two Gold Label Figure Has Exaggerated Cape And No Arms

Dang it. The McFarlane DC Designer Edition Batman Year Two Gold Label Figure was up for pre-order earlier today on Target, but it was gone in a blink of an eye. And yes, it is unfortunate that it had to be a Target exclusive. Now that the pre-orders are all sold out, fans will have …

Hasbro Transformers Victory Saber Transforming Action Figure Is Being Crowdfunded On HasLab

Straight out of 1989’s Japanese Transformers cartoon, Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory aka Tatakae! Chō Robot Seimeitai Transformers Victory (戦え!超ロボット生命体 トランスフォーマーV ), is Hasbro Transformers Victory Saber Action Figure.

Oh, Great. My Childhood’s Biggest Nightmare Is Now A Collectible Toy

There have been many werewolf films, but nothing set the tone as dark and at the same time, funny, as the 1981 An American Werewolf in London. Actually, it wasn’t quite funny for a kid who watched it in the 80s. I was scared shitless as a child (that and of course, 1985’s Fright Night). …

New Transformers Toys Include Coronation Starscream From The 1986 Animated Movie

Nostalgia is what Hasbro is drumming up with its Transformers Studio Series 86 toy line. And what is a toy line based on 1986 The Transformers: The Movie without coronation of Starscream toy? The scene may be super short, but it is just as iconic as it can get. That said, you don’t need to …

400% Size Leica x Medicom Bearbrick Figure Comes With A Bag For You To Carry It Around

Here’s another piece of Medicom Toy news that may be of an interest to photography enthusiasts. No, Medicom is not making a camera, but it is a Bearbrick (stylized as [email protected]) collectible figure in the unmistakable Leica camera iconography.

MoMA Partnered With Medicom Toy For Van Gogh The Starry Night Bearbrick Figure

When Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh created his masterpiece The Starry Night, he would never had thought it would be a LEGO toy collectible 130 something years latter. I pretty damn sure, he would never had imagined his world famous painting would find itself on a Bearbrick collectible figure too.