Pre-order Is Happening Now For Transformers Takara Tomy MP-32 Beast Convoy Figure Re-issue

Here’s another Transformers toy news that will delight collectors. If you missed out on the accurate toy representation of the Beast Wars Optimus Primal (not Netflix’s version, btw) aka Beast Convoy from 5 years ago, well, here’s your chance to pick up a brand new set.

Hasbro Transformers Victory Saber Transforming Action Figure Color Renders

When the new HasLab campaign, the Hasbro Transformers Victory Saber Action Figure, was revealed, HasLab only has images of the grey prototypes. If the grey prototype is not convincing enough on how awesome the transforming action figure will look, well then, perhaps the new colors render of the figure will.

Beast Wars Optimus Primal and Megatron Gets The Stuffed Toy Look

Prime 1 Studio is a studio that produces life-like popular culture statues. On the other spectrum is Cutie 1, a studio that does the same, but in a funner way. The Cutie 1 Beast Wars Convoy (aka Optimus Primal) and Megatron are some of those fun products.

Transformers x Universal Monsters Dracula Transforming Action Figure

Transformers are also known as robots in disguise because they disguise themselves as virtually anything, including as a bat. Speaking of the bat, through the franchise’s history, there have been two varieties of Transformers bat: Ratbat and Mindwipe, and now, these two have been joined by the most infamous bat of all time: Dracula.

Hasbro Transformers Victory Saber Transforming Action Figure Is Being Crowdfunded On HasLab

Straight out of 1989’s Japanese Transformers cartoon, Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory aka Tatakae! Chō Robot Seimeitai Transformers Victory (戦え!超ロボット生命体 トランスフォーマーV ), is Hasbro Transformers Victory Saber Action Figure.

New Transformers Toys Include Coronation Starscream From The 1986 Animated Movie

Nostalgia is what Hasbro is drumming up with its Transformers Studio Series 86 toy line. And what is a toy line based on 1986 The Transformers: The Movie without coronation of Starscream toy? The scene may be super short, but it is just as iconic as it can get. That said, you don’t need to …

The Transformers: The Movie Returns To Theaters To Celebrate Its 35th Anniversary

Did you managed to catch The Transformers: The Movie animated film when it was screened in 1986? If you did, it must have been a pretty thrilling experience. And guess what? You can relieve it all over again because, Hasbro, in collaboration with Fathom Events, is bringing Transformers: The Movie back to theaters.

Someone Crafted A 5 Feet Tall Wooden Optimus Prime Lamp

An expert wood craftsman crafts a statue. A creative and fun, expert woods craftsman crafts a statue of Optimus Prime that is also a super cool floor lamp. Kp MacKenzie aka Woodland Porpoise Workshop (@woodland_porpoise_workshop) is the latter.

Transformers Generations Shattered Glass Jetfire & IDW’s Shattered Glass – Jetfire

Hasbro just can’t stop selling fans of Transformers redeco toys. The latest to join the WFC-GS27 Galvatron and Shattered Glass Goldbug in the redeco bonanza is yet another Shattered Glass character: Transformers Generations Shattered Glass Jetfire & IDW’s Shattered Glass – Jetfire (Exclusive Hasbro Pulse Variant Cover).