Uniqlo love collaborations love as much as BAPE, but in a more pop culture and more affordable way. The latest Uniqlo collab is with my childhood favorite and Japanese supersized superhero, Ultraman.

Ultraman and Monsters Uniqlo Graphic T-Shirts

The collection, dubbed Ultraman and Monsters Uniqlo Graphic T-shirt Collection, features three key supersized superheroes, namely, Ultraman, Ultraman Tiga, Ultraseven and Ultrazero, along with some pretty recognizable supersized monsters, including Alien Baltan, Zetton – just to name a couple.

Check out the promo movies features the four superheroes kicking some gain aliens’ butt. You can also check out the entire collection over at Uniqlo Japan website.

Ultraman and Monsters Uniqlo Graphic T-shirt Collection is scheduled to arrive on May 1st, 2020 at Uniqlo Japan.

Images: Uniqlo [JP].

Source: Twitter (@tsuburayaprod).

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