Movember is over, so if you are thinking of shedding those facial of yours to lighten the burden on your face and doing it in a somewhat luxurious, but old school way, the Rose Gold Razor Set by Oui Shave might just be right up your alley. No, wait. This is actually designed for ladies who, you know, need to shed hairs in certain areas. Well, at least, that’s what I am reading. I wouldn’t think it isn’t (for ladies) because, single blade can hardly get rid your thick, bushy facial hair. Don’t believe, here’s the evidence that it is for the fairer sex:

“What does shaving look like when it’s made for women? This. A blade engineered to be irritation free. A tool that’s balanced and weighted to make shaving a pleasure. A razor that is built to last. This is for curves and angles. This is for the girls who want to show up for their lives- minus the razor burn. We’ve got you, and your legs, covered.”

Rose Gold Razor Set by Oui Shave

Makes sense. How else would it be rose gold, right? Then again, there’s no stopping you, men, from giving it a go. I am sure if it is designed for taking of hair on legs, it will serve well for hairs on the face. Each Rose Gold Razor Set comes with the Rose Gold razor, 10 razor blades, and a bottle of 2 oz Neroli or Lavan shave oil. And the price? Nothing much. It will cost you only $96. For the sake of it being beautifully crafted and rose gold, I would say it is a ‘yay’. But that’s just me. And no, I have no intention of letting my already scarce leg hairs.

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Rose Gold Razor Set by Oui Shave

Rose Gold Razor Set by Oui Shave

Images: Oui Shave.

via Luxury Launches.

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