Takara Tomy Karakuri Statue Optimus Prime KS-01

Can’t get enough of auto-converting Optimus Prime? Well, if so, you are going to dig this piece of news from Takara Tomy. Joining Robosen Robotics Optimus Prime and Jada Optimus Prime Converting RC toy is the Takara Tomy Karakuri Statue Optimus Prime KS-01.

Takara Tomy Karakuri Statue Optimus Prime KS-01

In a celebration that’ll knock your socks off, Takara Tomy is hitting its 100th anniversary, while Transformers is rolling out the red carpet for its 40th! They’re dropping a commemorative product that’s all kinds of awesome: a figure of Convoy (that’s Optimus Prime to you and me, btw) that transforms all by itself [JP] with just a press of a button on its base.

It’s like watching a piece of the original Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers anime comes to life right in front of your eyes. After transforming, Convoy, voiced by the legendary Tesshō Genda, even speaks some lines, and his eyes light up like a Christmas tree!

Takara Tomy Karakuri Statue Optimus Prime KS-01

Also to mark the product announcement, Takara Tomy has announced that, starting today, February 2nd, they’re streaming the original anime series. So, you can relive all the glory days of your childhood while waiting for this ultra-cool piece of Transformers history. Obviously, that’s the Japanese version. The American version is already available on Hasbro Pulse’s YouTube channel.

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And for those who can’t wait to get their hands on this transformative masterpiece, mark your calendars for summer 2024. That’s when pre-orders kick off at the official Takara Tomy Mall and other places. But, keep your ears to the ground; dates and details might shift faster than Convoy can transform from a truck to a robot!

So, gear up, Transformers fans. It’s time to add a piece of history to your collection that’s sure to light up your eyes, just like Convoy’s. Keep going for a couple more looks, and a promo video.

Images: Takara Tomy [JP].