Marbula E Race 1 Marble Race

Formula E is out due to the pandemic like every other sporting events. If you are already missing the series, or any other motorsports series, fret not because, Envision Virgin Racing team has partnered with marble racing YouTube channel, Jelle’s Marble Runs, to bring you an equally exciting series.

Dubbed the Marbula E series, the series sees 12 marbles representing the actual Formula E teams competing on a course aided by a conveyor belt.

Marbula E Race 1 Marble Race

The effect was, like any Jelle’s Marble Runs’ marble races, equally adrenaline pumping – made even more so by Formula E’s commentator, Jack Nicholis. The commentary definitely heightened the realism.

Sadly, these being marbles, there won’t be any point-of-view footage. Awww… For the uninitiated, Jelle’s Marble Runs was the creator of the Marble League, formerly MarbleLympics, as well as other marble racing videos.

Images: YouTube (Jelle’s Marble Runs).

Source: Engadget.