The Last Windscriber A Brilliant Short Film/Explainer Video By Windscribe

Short videos are a dime a dozen on YouTube and there is certainly no shortage of well-made ones. But not often do you get a well-made short film by a business entity that does not do this for a living. The Last Windscriber is one such short film.

Ultraman x Singapore Tourism Board Tie-in Video Now In One Single Episode

The Ultraman x Singapore Tourism Board (STB) videos from last year have now been stitched together into a single, full episode lasting over 6 minutes. The Ultraman: A New Power of Singapore – Visit Singapore video is part of the new Singapore and Ultraman collaboration project dubbed Singapore Reimagine ULTRAMAN.

Series Of Video Of Things Being “Reloaded” Like A Gun Is Strangely Satisfying To Watch

Karl aka Kommander Karl is a video game environment artist who plays video games and, ermm, reloads stuff for fun. Karl has a YouTube channel that is clearly inspired by first-person shooter video games. In his channel, Karl, well, reload things.

Ultraman Arrives In Singapore To Take On Kaiju That Are Wrecking Havoc In Singapore

Throughout the 55 years of history of Ultraman, this giant alien superhero and his fellow monster ass-kicking brothers and sisters never had an encounter with invading kaiju outside of Japan.

Iceland Poked Fun At Metaverse With Hilarious Parody Video, Icelandverse

If you haven’t heard, Facebook, Inc. is now known as Meta Platforms, Inc. Why? Because Mark Zuckerberg and his team are aiming to conquer the metaverse. So what the hell is metaverse? Well, it is a virtual world, much like the one you see in Ready One Player.

Clever Editing Replaces T-Rex With A Giant Cat In This Brilliant Jurassic Park Parody Video

How far has video editing progressed? I think very far as proven by this video by OwlKitty aka Lizzy, a 4-year-old cat. Just kidding. The video is not made by the cat. Lizzy only stars in it.

The Book of Boba Fett Official Trailer: Why Speak Of Conflict, When Cooperation Can Make Us All Rich?”

When Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, you know the entertainment giant had big plans for the Star Wars franchise. Sure enough. We saw a string of movies. Some of them were good and some of them were just, well, forgettable.

As It Turns Out, Kinetic Sand Is Better At Stopping Bullet Over Regular Sand

We have been told sand bags i.e. bags of hessian packed with sands can help mitigate attacks by small caliber firearms. They are not 100% bulletproof by any means. However, one gun nut, YouTuber DemolitionRanch, may have discovered a brilliant alternative that has even more stopping power over regular sand.

Hasbro In China Shared Funny Transformers Kingdom And Studio Series Stop Motion Video

Following the K-wave social media war presented by Netflix, the Transformers Autobots and Decepticons are at social media war again – presented once again as a fun stop motion video.