Boston Dynamics Atlas Brings A Tool Bag To A Person Working On Top Of A Scaffold

Boston Dynamics Atlas, the bipedal humanoid, has come a long way. From the basics of walking on two, it has been taught to let itself out by opening the door, and for the longest time, it has been perfecting its parkour skills. Now, the humanoid has finally been taught a new set of skills.

Intentional Rickroll: Almost Scene-For-Scene Remake Of Never Gonna Give You Up Music Video For A Marketing Campaign

Have you ever been Rickrolled before? I sure have. The Rickroll phenomena/meme was perhaps the secret to how a song released 35 years ago remains evergreen until this day. We know Rickroll is still a thing in 2022 and probably it will be a long, long time but we never thought it is a thing …

First Date With NPC Shorts By Loczniki Official Is Absolutely Brilliant!

Remember the real-life GTA video by Japanese YouTuber Komozawa Isolation? Well, someone made a couple of shorts that are similar but related to NPC. I promised if you play a lot of video games, these shorts are going to be very relatable. Folks, this is First Date with NPC by Polish dance couple Loczniki official.

Ultraman x Singapore Tourism Board Tie-in Video Now In One Single Episode

The Ultraman x Singapore Tourism Board (STB) videos from last year have now been stitched together into a single, full episode lasting over 6 minutes. The Ultraman: A New Power of Singapore – Visit Singapore video is part of the new Singapore and Ultraman collaboration project dubbed Singapore Reimagine ULTRAMAN.