Intentional Rickroll: Almost Scene-For-Scene Remake Of Never Gonna Give You Up Music Video For A Marketing Campaign

Have you ever been Rickrolled before? I sure have. The Rickroll phenomena/meme was perhaps the secret to how a song released 35 years ago remains evergreen until this day. We know Rickroll is still a thing in 2022 and probably it will be a long, long time but we never thought it is a thing …

First Date With NPC Shorts By Loczniki Official Is Absolutely Brilliant!

Remember the real-life GTA video by Japanese YouTuber Komozawa Isolation? Well, someone made a couple of shorts that are similar but related to NPC. I promised if you play a lot of video games, these shorts are going to be very relatable. Folks, this is First Date with NPC by Polish dance couple Loczniki official.

Ultraman x Singapore Tourism Board Tie-in Video Now In One Single Episode

The Ultraman x Singapore Tourism Board (STB) videos from last year have now been stitched together into a single, full episode lasting over 6 minutes. The Ultraman: A New Power of Singapore – Visit Singapore video is part of the new Singapore and Ultraman collaboration project dubbed Singapore Reimagine ULTRAMAN.