Remember the real-life GTA video by Japanese YouTuber Komozawa Isolation? Well, someone made a couple of shorts that are similar but related to NPC. I promised if you play a lot of video games, these shorts are going to be very relatable. Folks, this is First Date with NPC by Polish dance couple Loczniki official.

First Date with NPC by Loczniki official
You know what will happen if the NPC walks into a wall…

The duo has a YouTube channel in which they post a ton of fun shorts. In these two-part shorts, Nicki (Nicole) is cast as an NPC who Oskar (Loczek) dates. Nicki being the NPC has all the hallmarks of one.

You know, the slow heaving, walking into walls and fences, cutting above food but magically having food on the spoon, repeating dialogs, awkward hand gestures, abrupt running to walking transition and vice versa, and the requisite blank, expressionless look throughout. Just to name a few.

The two-part shorts were recently posted on the couple’s TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. They are very fun to watch as much as the duo’s other NPC-related video: How to dance like NPC in Goat Simulator. The title enough sounds super fun. Anyhoo, go ahead and have look at the First Date with NPC videos after the break.

Images: YouTube (Loczniki official).

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