I am sure most of us who are familiar with Unnecessary Inventions can agree that many of Matty Benedetto’s inventions aren’t quite unnecessary. One such un-unnecessary invention would be this: The Jewel Cooler. It is an invention that could prevent sweaty balls.

The Jewel Cooler by Unnecessary Inventions

Taking on a suggestion by a fan on Reddit for an invention that will cool a man’s balls on hot days when driving, Matty invented The Jewel Cooler.

Designed to magnetically snap on the car a/c vent to direct cool air from the vent via a flexible tube and deliver it right into the inside of your shorts, where it is most needed, through a directional nozzle.

The Jewel Cooler by Unnecessary Inventions

For those who don’t know, cars used to have an a/c vent under the steering column that send cool air to between the driver’s legs. Strange that we don’t have it today since summer is getting hotter these days.

Anyhoo, with this necessary unnecessary invention, it not only brings back that feature but does it more effectively.

Images: YouTube (Unnecessary Inventions).

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