This custom PC build is so good that we just want you to look at the videos yourself and take it all in. Norway-based tinkerer Nerdforge has teamed up with a Canada-based tech channel on YouTube, Linus Tech Tips, to create a one-of-a-kind custom PC.

Linus Tech Tips x Nerdforge Custom PC

While a full-size Iron Man PC, a Sandcrawler PC case, and the likes are no doubt impressive, this “neon city” custom PC with custom internals is on another level. The case’s decoration is a mark of the creators’ dedication to craftsmanship, IMHO.

As I have said it is so good that only videos and images will be able to justify how good it is. Long story short, Nerdforge has custom a very cyberpunk neon city that will go on an identical PC LTT has.

Linus Tech Tips x Nerdforge Custom PC

From an angle, it looks like a bonafide city of the future complete with a lot of lights and even a digital screen that mimics the digital billboard we have today. The result was absolutely brilliant made only even better by a super high-end liquid cool setup by Linus Tech Tips. Like said.

Seriously, you gotta watch the videos to truly appreciate this custom PC masterpiece. It truly is a masterpiece.

Images: YouTube (Nerdforge/Linus Tech Tips).

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