Here’s A Custom PC With Dodge Viper K&N Air Filter For Keeping The Dust Out

Is dust in your PC driving you nuts that you sometimes wish you could strap respirators over it, or maybe stuff a car filter on the chassis? Well, I am not sure how will the former even work but as it turns out, someone has a custom PC that is built around an enormous K&N …

Someone Turned A Mechanical Keyboard Into An All-In-One PC

Remember the round display computer? Like Penk Chen’s custom computer with a round display, tinkerer Carter Hurd is also experimenting with computers outside of the norm. And his choice of extraordinary computer? A Custom Mechanical Keyboard Computer.

Retro-style Computer With Round Display May Not Be Practical But It Looks Fantastic!

Have you wondered why computer display is never circular? Even in the science fiction world, where space is the limit when it comes to imagination, it was never round either. Why? I dug around a bit but there is no conclusive answer. My take is that a circular display is not easy to make and …

The World’s First Bubble Tea-Themed PC Has Bobas Swirling In Its Coolant’s Reservoir

Some custom PCs turn heads with mind-blowing aesthetics while some stood out because it has a cooling system like no other, such as a PC that is literally the fish tank and then there was a PC that appeared to be cooled by Coca-Cola (but really isn’t), and today, we learned that there is one …

You Have Seen A “Drivable” Custom PC, Now Meet A Rideable Custom PC

We have seen and intrigued by many custom PC builds, including one that’s “drivable”. Now meet one that’s rideable, or should I say, cycle-able. Folks, meet the Yolenzo Exo Giga Bike, a so-called “computer bicycle” and yes, it is totally rideable.

This Rocket Shape PC Setup Needs Actual Fire To Boot Up

We have seen some pretty mind-blowing custom PC cases, including the life-size Iron Man suit PC case, custom Ducati Corse PC case, a “drivable” PC – just to name a few. But this one here, called DIY Fire Ignition Rocket PC Case, is on a whole different level.

This Custom Fish Tank Personal Computer From 2017 Still Blows My Mind In 2021

In the world of custom PCs, we have been impressed by the life-size Iron Man suit PC, a Ducati motorcycle PC, and a Tesla kiddie ride PC – just to name a few. We have thought we have seen it all… Well, as it turns out, we did miss a few mind-blowing creations over the …

Believe It Or Not, This Desk And Shelf Combo Is Actually A PC, Complete With A Monitor

Imagine a future where personal computer kinda of melts into your home environment. You know? Like, it is there but not there at the same time. No more eye-jabbing clunky monitor and PC enclosure, but yet, it there to use when you need to use it. Such is what this so-called “invisible PC” by YouTube …

At Nearly $15K, You May Tempted To Ride The FUXK Custom Ducati Corse Desktop PC

We are well aware that someone had once built a brilliant Ducati PC case. This is not that. This is a custom Ducati case too, but this one is from the super talented outfit in China, simply known as FUXK (don’t ask).