Have you wondered why computer display is never circular? Even in the science fiction world, where space is the limit when it comes to imagination, it was never round either. Why? I dug around a bit but there is no conclusive answer. My take is that a circular display is not easy to make and hence uncommon, and more importantly, not having corners, means wasting precious UI space – if that makes any sense.

Retro-style Computer with Round Display

But never mind that a terminal with a round screen is not practical because Berlin-based engineer Penk Chen built one because that’s what he has always wanted. Chen’s creation is called Mainboard Terminal, a reference to its source of power: Framework’s Mainboard, and it is made possible through the availability of the mainboard’s product and its 2D drawing.

And yes, as it turns out, the circular LCD display is not only available to buy but it is quite affordable too, at under 100 bucks. The display Chen used was picked up from the Chinese e-commerce site Taobao.

Retro-style Computer with Round Display

The system is rounded up with an OLKB Preonic mechanical keyboard and a 3D printed (and painted) case.

The result is a not necessarily practical computer but one oozes with the retro-futuristic vibe. I am kind of sold but I am not sure what can it be used for. Perhaps for playing Spacewar! because Chen said his build can totally play this vintage space combat video game.

Retro-style Computer with Round Display
Retro-style Computer with Round Display

Images: Twitter (@penk)/Github (penk).

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