Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 Monitor Is A Streaming Media Player Too

OK. Maybe having a TV-size gaming monitor is a little much but I sure don’t mind a gaming monitor that has the features of a TV. In fact, the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 Gaming Monitor, which is Samsung’s first OLED gaming monitor, one up the TV.

Samsung 55-inch Odyssey Ark Is A Curved Gaming Monitor That Does Portrait Mode Too

Now that Mobile Pixels has made us realize that perhaps vertically stacked monitors are what a multi-monitor setup should be, perhaps we should be thinking of getting rid of the bezel in between. If that is what is on your mind, then perhaps you may want to check out the new Samsung 55-inch Odyssey Ark …

GIGABYTE Introduced New AORUS 4K Gaming Monitors With HDMI 2.1 Support

In some ways, streaming platforms have killed traditional TVs. Advancements in gaming aids in the death by blurring the line between TV and gaming monitors. They are almost indistinguishable at this point, TBH. The new GIGABYTE AORUS 4K Gaming Monitors are one of the ‘culprits’ that blurs that line.