Self-balancing, electric unicycle is not new. What’s new is one that claims to have off-road capability. That’s right. Unicycle. Off-road. A rather unimaginable combination… until now. Folks, meet the INMOTION V12HT, an off-road electric unicycle.

INMOTION V12HT Off-road Electric Unicycle

Made for adventure, INMOTION V12HT is an innovative electric unicycle with off-road capability that will take on almost any terrain you throw at it, allowing you to explore the paths less taken.

Powered by a 2,800 W motor, the INMOTION V12HT Off-road Unicycle boasts a top speed of 37 mph (60 km/h) and is capable of dealing with up to 45 percent inclination with ease.

The motor is paired to a 1,750 Wh battery that is good for up to 99 miles (160 kilometers) on a single charge.

INMOTION V12HT Off-road Electric Unicycle

Together with a 16-inch off-road tire, and a hermetically sealed construction that offers IPX5 rated protection against water and dust, this little guy is ready to go where no unicycle has gone. To the great outdoors and beyond. OK, maybe just great outdoors.

Other notables include a smart Battery Management System (BMS) that ensures safe battery operations, double-bumper design, LED head and taillights, anti-spin function at a touch of a button, app-enabled, an integrated trolley handle, a 2.4-inch LCD touchscreen, adaptive pedals that can be adjusted to suit different riding styles, a USB-C port for charging your phone, and believe or not, it has four built-in speakers.

INMOTION V12HT Off-road Electric Unicycle

However, it is not clear if the vehicle has Bluetooth for streaming music to those speakers. Oh, V12 is not new, btw. But this one is the “high torque” version and hence the model name V12HT.

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Availability and pricing are to be confirmed. Meanwhile, you may find out more about the V12 high torque version HERE.

INMOTION V12HT Off-road Electric Unicycle


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