Since officially started in 2010, one of the most viewed posts on was the Taurus 2×2 Terrain Motorcycle. We received many enquires on how and where to buy one. Unfortunately, we are clueless about this mysterious creation but fast forward to today, there is another similar creation that you can buy.

Robo.Systems Ultra Bike 2x2 Electric Bike

Though I should really add “reportedly” to that sentence. I am not sure how legit the Robo.Systems Ultra Bike 2×2 Electric Bike is and yes, it is an electric bike but with a twist. As you can see, it has a very utilitarian design, much like the Taurus. Apparently, it can float like the Taurus too, well, kind of cos’ it needs the help of a pair of add-on pontoons:

Robo.Systems Ultra Bike 2x2 Electric Bike
Ultra Bike 2×2 is shown here with pontoons.

Another striking design of the Ultra Bike 2×2 is the “strapped down” low-pressure tires and the spoke-free design, solid wheels. The spoke-free, solid wheels are actually fuel tanks good for holding 6 gallons (27 liters) of gasoline. Wait, what? Fuel? On an electric bike? Well, about that…

The fuel is for the onboard 800 W generator, which is the white thingy that rests where the fuel tank would be on a regular fossil fuel-powered bike. The generator serves as a mobile charger to extend the bike’s 40-mile (64 kilometers) range.

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Robo.Systems Ultra Bike 2x2 Electric Bike

It can also be used to power devices and equipment. The best part is, IMHO, it is removable. Allowing it to be used away from the bike, which makes this bike a good camp companion.

Powering the bike is a 1 kW rated, 2 kW peak power electric motor on each wheel hub. The motors are kept juiced by a Lifepo4 48V 35 AH battery.

Everything sounds just about right and it only started to raise eyebrows when it comes to the asking price.

Robo.Systems Ultra Bike 2x2 Electric Bike

Robo.Systems is asking for just US$1,990 for the bike. My mind is absolutely blown cos electric bicycles easily cost way more than that. Anyways, we let you be the judge if this is legit.

Robo.Systems Ultra Bike 2x2 Electric Bike

Images: Robo.Systems Inc.

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