This Is X1 Electric Maxi-Scooter, Singapore-based Scorpion Electric’s First Electric Motorcycle

Singapore now has its own electric motorcycle brand, Scorpio Electric. Revealed at the recent Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA) in Milan is the X1 Electric Max-scooter, Scorpio Electric’s first electric motorcycle. The specs will not blow minds but it definitely has the look.

BMW CE 02: Don’t Call It An E-Scooter Or An E-Motorbike. It Is An eParkourer

Two years after the launch of the BMW CE 04, BMW Motorrad has presented another electric vehicle for urban conurbations. However, unlike the CE 04 which is a clear-cut scooter, the CE 02 is not. Well, at least, that’s what BMW said. The German marque said the BMW CE 04 is neither an e-Scooter nor …

Meet The New Cake Bukk, A Highly Customizable Electric Dirt Bike

If you like tearing down the dirt road in the backcountry, you probably want to do it emission-free. If you dig that, Sweden-based electric bike company Cake has just the ride for you. Announced in recent months is the new Bukk platform, a highly customizable version of the Limited Edition Bukk electric off-road performance motorcycle …

Cake Åik Pedal-assist Electric Bicycle Is A Beautiful Two-wheel Workhorse

If you are in the market for a good-looking utility bicycle to help you in hauling stuff, Swedish electric bike maker, Cake, has a new e-bike for your consideration. The Cake Åik (pronounced as “oy” like in Oyster), as it is called, is a beautiful pedal-assist bike that will relieve your leg of the agony …

Davinci DC100 Electric Motorcycle To Launch In The US At CES 2023

One of the electric motorcycles from Davinci we saw last year is finally launching in the U.S. market. The Davinci DC100 Electric Motorcycle will be launched in the U.S. at the CES 2023 next month. The futuristic electric two-wheeler is said to have performance that rivals a gas-powered 1,000cc motorcycle.

Long Awaited Electric Bike, FUELL Fllow Electric Commuter Kicks Off Prelaunch Campaign

An electric future is inevitable. Despite this fact, two-wheeled electric vehicles seem scarce. That said if you are in the market for one, the upcoming FUELL Fllow Electric Commuter may be worthy of consideration. A futuristic look comes standard with this new kid in the very small electric motorcycle block.

OX Patagonia Electric Bike: Classic Off-road Look, Modern Electric Drive

There is something strangely alluring about classic motorcycles. There is also something lovely about off-road motorcycles. I am talking about WWII-era kind of off-road two-wheelers, btw; not motocross-type scrambles. Marry these two designs and I bet it would like the OX Patagonia, a minimal and classy electric motorcycle from the Spanish motorcycle marque OX Motorcycles.

This 2×2 Electric Bike Has Not One But Two Gas Tanks. Yup. Gas Tanks.

Since officially started in 2010, one of the most viewed posts on was the Taurus 2×2 Terrain Motorcycle. We received many enquires on how and where to buy one. Unfortunately, we are clueless about this mysterious creation but fast forward to today, there is another similar creation that you can buy.

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