Back in February, it was announced that the four “Shin” movies directed by Neon Genesis Evangelion’s creator Hideaki Anno will come together as Shin Japan Heroes Universe, a collaboration project of unknown nature. Well, fast forward to May, we have the first collaboration and it is not what we imagine it to be. I mean, we don’t expect a saga like the MCU but still, amusement attractions are not what we are expecting.

Shin Japan Heroes Universe Amusement Attractions

Shin Japan Heroes Universe has recently revealed the Shin Japan Heroes Amusement World mini-theme park space at three Bandai Namco stores in Japan. They will open at Bandai Namco stores in Yokohama, Osaka, and Hakata, for a limited time this summer.

“Amusement World” is really not what it is. It is more like a handful of arcade games that are barely related to each property, except for maybe the one game Operation Shin 765.

Shin Japan Heroes Universe Amusement Attractions

In Operation Shin 765, Godzilla, Angels from the Evangelion series, a kaiju from Ultraman, and SHOCKER – the evil organization from Kamen Rider appeared to cause havoc to the world and you, being an agent of the Global Unknown Event Keepers (GUEK) – an organization that monitors paranormal activities and aliens lifeforms on Earth, will have to deal the crises caused by the insurgence of these baddies. Awwww, Godzilla is the bad guy? That’s sad.

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Also expect to find a Godzilla VR game and an Evangelion VR game, a puzzle game (Shin Ultraman: Operation to repel the evil beast No. 8), and a roulette-style game called Shin Ultra Roulette.

Shin Japan Heroes Universe Amusement Attractions

The first Shin Japan Heroes Universe project will commence in July and runs through August 24, at Bandai Namco Cross Store Yokohama before moving to Osaka’s HEP FIVE on September 03. It will remain in Osaka up until October 02. After which it will appear at Bandai Namco Cross Store in Hakara starting October 12 and ending on November 06, 2022. If you read Japanese, you may learn more about the event HERE.

Shin Japan Heroes Universe Amusement Attractions

Images: Bandai Namco Amusement Inc.

via Anime News Network.

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