Like Gaming? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Do you love gaming? If you’re like me, then there’s nothing better than spending a weekend afternoon playing your favorite video game. But what if I told you that gaming could help improve your life in other ways too? Believe it or not, gaming can actually make you smarter and more productive. In this blog …

How To Start Playing Mobile Games

There is no real doubt that mobile games and casino games, in particular, are immensely popular around the world. Whether it’s in a physical setting or online, people enjoy the excitement and chance of winning big money. For many, the only proper thing stopping them from playing casino games is the fear of losing.

New Life-size RX-93ff ν Gundam Statue To Officially Unveil On April 24

Bandai Namco Group and Sunrise just cannot stop putting up life-size Gundam statues. The latest life-size Gundam is the RX-93ff ν (Nu) Gundam and it will appear at the LaLaport Fukuoka (not to be confused with the LaLaport in Shanghai Jinqiao) on the April 24.

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 Is Coming To The PC Platform

Good news for fans of Mobile Suit Gundam. Free-to-play team battle action game based on the Mobile Suit Gundam series of the Universal Century, Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2, is arriving to PC via Steam. Prior to the game’s launch, Bandai Namco Entertainment America is inviting players to join the Network Test starting on …

Road Maintenance Simulator Video Game: Seriously, Do We Need To Say More?

Anyone who drives will not like road works. It holds up the traffic which results in frustration. And sometimes, just sometimes, that frustration made your swear you could do a better job than them than hogging the road for like eternity.

Best Forklift Operator Video Game Joins The Growing List Of Simulation Games

Ever wanted a career as a forklift operator but were not quite ready to give up your 5-figure a month salary working for a major corporation in Wall Street? Well, folks, this is precisely why a simulation game like the Best Forklift Operator video game exists.

After 3 Years, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Video Game Is Finally Available

Doctor Strange did not mess with time. You most certainly did not get caught up in a time warp. The video game, the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, that we excitedly told you about nearly 3 years ago is finally available. 3 years! That’s was quite a wait, wasn’t it?

Virtual Race Car Drivers Can Now Sign Up For Second Edition Alpine Esports Series 

Alpine Motors has just launched the Alpine Esports Series Second Edition. The championship is powered by the Binance Fan Token Platform, with US$100,000 in Alpine Fan Tokens up for grabs across the competition. In addition, competitors also stand a chance to win a driving experience in an Alpine GT4, a TRX simulator rig from Trak …

Slap Chris Is A Browser Game That Lets You Slap Chris Rock

I am sure you have already heard of the fiasco over at the 94th Academy Awards. Yup. That’s right. It was the slap that is going to live on the Internet as a meme for a long time. Chris Rock must be traumatized now. Who knows, he might have PTSD, constantly worrying about if he …

Slaycation Paradise Video Game: Why Stay When You Can Slay?

Regular family heads to a beachside resort for a staycation. A family that has a thirst for thrills heads to Slaycation Paradise. Thankfully, it is not real. Awww… were you disappointed that slaycation isn’t real? Don’t be because it kind of is real but as a video game.