Maneater, A Video Game In Which You Play As A Shark, Gets Its First DLC

Remember the video game, Maneater, where you play the part of a shark and go around destroying boats and having people for lunch? Well, Tripwire Interactive wants to you dust off the game and get back into the waters because Maneater: Truth Quest, the first downloadable content (DLC) for Maneater is here.

Excavator Simulator Lets You Realize Your Dream Of Becoming An Excavator Operator

No ambitious parents would want their children to grow up having a career as an excavator operator. That is probably why you are where you are today. But the inner desire to commandeer this versatile construction equipment has not been extinguished even you are heading a major corporation. And what do you do?

Hell Architect Video Game: Craft The Hell Of Your Dreams (Or Nightmares)

No one wants to go to Hell. But if you were to go there when your life expired because you have been rather naughty, then this video game developed by Woodland Games and published by Leonardo Interactive called Hell Architect will come in handy.

Mattel’s Hot Wheels Unleashed Video Game Includes TMNT Party Wagon

Unless you are as rich as Jay Leno, chances are you are not going to have a garage full of cars to play with. For most people, die-cast cars like Hot Wheels are their best bet. But wait. You can’t actually get behind the wheel of die-cast cars, can you? Well, actually you can, virtually, …

Take A Look At The Upcoming Jurassic World Evolution 2 Video Game

The fact that Jurassic World Evolution have sold three million copies by March 2020 proved two things: people love dinosaurs and many people think they could do better at managing a dinosaur theme park than those fools over at Masrani Global Corporation.

Italy Has A Mobile Game To Promote Italy’s Cultural Heritage

With a projected market value of 268.8 billion U.S. dollars by 2025, the reach of video games cannot be belittled. However, money is not a concern when the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published ITALY. Land of Wonders video game. You heard that right. Italy, the country, has an official video game – or a …

The Ramp Is A Minimal, Purist’s Skateboarding Video Game For PC

The mention of skateboarding video games, the first video game to come to mind is probably Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. It is like the gold standard in this genre which has a complex gameplay. If you prefer this extreme sport without a rocket science gameplay, then you may want to check out this upcoming skateboarding …

Lawn Mowing Simulator: For Those Who Aspires To Become A Lawnmower Operator

Living in a cramped apartment means you’d be missing a lot of on-the-ground “actions”. Actions like finding badgers digging through your trash in the middle of the night and mowing the lawn. OK. Probably, no one will ever miss the former. However, apartment dwellers may be curious how having to baby sit the lawn feels …

NES The Legend of Zelda Video Game Sold For A Record US$870,000

Looks like the pandemic hasn’t curb anyone’s desire to own a copy of NES classic. In a recent sale organized by Heritage Auctions, a copy of The Legend of Zelda was sold for a cool US$870,000.

Realize Your Dream Of Becoming A Metro Train Operator With Metro Simulator For Consoles

Simulator. The genre of video games that intrigued us more than any other genres. Here’s another to check out if you are fan of this genre. While not as outlandish as, say, Drug Dealer Simulator, or as tough-in-cheek as the Air Travel Simulator, the Metro Simulator by KishMish Games and UIG Entertainment is equally intriguing.