nOS new Operating System Will Turn Your Nintendo Switch Into A Mini Computer

Nintendo Switch is a video game console and also a handheld game console. It lets you play games and that’s about it. But that changes with the nOS new Operating System. nOS new Operating System expands the use of the Nintendo Switch beyond a gaming system; it lets you write texts, draw something, plan your …

My Arcade Atari Gamestation Plus: Your Favorite Atari Games In On Sleek, Modern Console

Who’s down for some good old retro Atari games in a console with an updated look? I know. The Atari VCS already had that going but I am talking about an entirely new look that you wouldn’t recognize that it is an Atari console. No wooden slats or anything like that. Well, if you do, …

WONDER FITTER Lets You Practice Archery In Your Living Room And With Your TV

Archery is a fun sport. However, not only it is an expensive sport but there is some risk to it. That’s not to mention that getting to the archery range can be an inconvenience for many. Enters WONDER FITTER The Ultimate Home Archery. The WONDER FITTER The Ultimate Home Archery is exactly what it says …

In Memory Of Christof Klausner: A Playable In-Game K4 Rally “Ur Quattro” And An NFT

If you are into Rally motorsports, you should have heard of the name Christof Klausner. Klausner shot to fame when he competed in an Audi Quattro, known as “Ur Quattro”, prepped by himself. In his career as a Rally race car driver, he had enthralled millions with his driving skills. Unfortunately, Christof Klausner’s career ended …

Transformers Teamed Up With Beyblade For Transformers Digital Tops

That’s right, people. Not only Beyblade is still a thing but it has gone digital and now, it has teamed up with Transformers for three limited edition Transformers digital tops. Not surprisingly, the three Transformers characters to be turned into Beyblades are Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron.

There’s Going To Be A New Transformers Video Game And It’s Called Transformers: Reactivate

Recently Hasbro surprised fans of Transformers with the announcement of a new video game. Entitled Transformers: Reactivate developed by Splash Damage, it is the second video game to be revealed this year. It really is a pleasant surprise as there weren’t hints or rumors about a new Transformers game.

Firefighting Simulator – The Squad Is Heading To Consoles Next Month

Highly rated firefighting simulation video game on Steam, Firefighting Simulator – The Squad, is heading to consoles. Developed by Chronos Unterhaultungssoftware and published by astragon Entertainment, Firefighting Simulator – The Squad will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.