PS5 Simulator Lets You Experience Receiving, Unboxing, And The PS5 Console

Sony’s much-anticipated next-gen video game console was sold out as soon as it was made available. That shortage of stock have left many fans empty handled. If you are one of the unlucky dude or just can’t afford one, indie game developer Alex Grade has you covered.

These Days, A Copy Of Old Video Game Could Land You With A Pot Of Gold Too

How times have changed. In the past, gold and stocks could land you with a pot of gold. These days, a vintage copy of Nintendo game could too. Case-in-point: a sealed copy of the Super Mario Bros. 3 has recently set a world’s record for the highest price paid for a video game at auction.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead: Build Bridges To Save Life And Kill Zombies

Here’s a video game mashup you never saw it coming. Imagine a video game that revolves around building bridges and then imagine walkers from AMC’s The Walking Dead are in the mix.

Dream Of Becoming A Bartender? Well, You Can, Virtually, With The Bartender Simulator

Simulator used to be just about flying and driving, and the associated hardware. But now, it covers all manner of occupations, from becoming a pandemic doctor to mortuary assistant to burglar and drug dealer to even a man-eating shark. If all those occupations do not appeal to you, perhaps a less horrifying and law-abiding (and […]

George Orwell’s Animal Farm Has Been Turned Into A Video Game, Arrives On Dec 10th

Well, what do you know? Famous English novelist George Orwell’s satirical classic, Animal Farm, has been turned into a video game. Yep. You read that right. A game adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm is coming to PC and mobile and it is set to arrive in December.

Polycade: Arcade Gaming On Your PC, On A PC Gaming Console And Arcade Machines

Fans of retro arcade gaming will most certainly want to hear about Polycade. The Los Angeles-based company is on a mission to bring arcade to your home and the best part about it is, you have several options when it comes experiencing home arcade gaming.

The Haunted Candy Hunt AR Game Lets You Become A Ghostbuster

When the Halloween is out due to the pandemic, who are you going to call? Well, you probably want to call on The Haunted Candy Hunt, an augmented reality game. Anyone with a smartphone can go about hunting for candy, ghosts and more in the comfort of their home in this new Web AR game […]

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Combines Real And The Virtual World

Nintendo has a new Mario Kart game that blurs the line between reality and the virtual world. Folks, meet the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, a game that lets you control a real-life Mario Kart with Nintendo Switch as you races through the virtual world on Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.

Soon, You’ll Be Able to Play Bacon Man: An Adventure On-The-Go On Nintendo Switch

If you haven’t heard of a greasy video game called Bacon Man: An Adventure, then it is about god time time that you learn about it because, this 2018 game is finally making its way to Nintendo Switch.