Marshall Power Amp Laptop Bag

Marshall Power Amp Laptop Bag
Marshall Power Amp Laptop Bag | US$49.99 |

before the digital media revolution, a musician is often seen as one with a guitar on one shoulder and a guitar amp on the other. obviously, things have changed quite a bit since cos’ laptops have become the tool of choice for both amateur and professional musicians. but you don’t need to sacrifice that old school musician look, which you can accomplish with the Marshall Power Amp Laptop Bag. styled after the a vintage Marshall guitar amplifier, it features a silk screened pattern on the front, water resistant polyurethane and canvas construction, antiqued brass fittings, and a sweet zipper pull that resembles a quarter-inch audio plug. it will hold up to a 15-inch laptop, along with a bunch of other stuff and it even has a functional ‘input jack’. though in this case, this ‘input jack’ won’t accept your usual guitar cord’s jack but allows your headphone cable to snake through and into the music player stow away in the bag. it certainly looks like a fun messenger bag to us and it only cost $49.99 each. a few more look after the break.

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