PHOOZY Capsule Sleeve Wants To Protect Your iPad and MacBook With Spacesuit Technology

You paid handsome amount for an iPad and/or a MacBook and yet, you know very well, they aren’t exactly ruggedized and they’d be at risk on a field trip or even just regular, everyday commute. This is where PHOOZY Thermal Capsule for iPad and MacBook comes in. This over-the-top protective bag (or sleeve, if you […]

Sorry, Did You Asked For A Crocs Crossbody Bag? No? It Is Here Anyways

Sorry, did you asked for a Crocs bag? No? Well, it’s OK that you never asked because, here it is anyways. Here’s the official Pizzaslime x Crocs Bag. I know right. As if elevating Crocs and adding rocks to it aren’t mind-blowing enough, someone has to turn the century’s ugliest foam clog into a crossbody […]

Here’s Louis Vuitton Space-inspired Monogram Galaxy Collection

Here’s another space-related news. Well, Louis Vuitton is not going into space, or at least not yet, but the Parisian fashion house has will get wealthy space-adoring, LV fans going ga-ga with the Louis Vuitton Monogram Galaxy Collection. It is basically the LV monogram you are familiar with, but the space serves as the backdrop. […]

Ikea Responded To Balenciaga’s $2,145 Frakta Tote-lookalike, Hilarity Ensues

Usually, when we talk about knock-off, the non-original product (or sometime, idea) is of something poorly made and cheaply priced, but that’s not what happen in the case of Balenciaga’s $2,145 Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag. So, you must asking: “who knock-off Balenciaga?” Well, the thing is, Balenciaga’s Arena appears to be the knock-off in […]

These Cases Will Have Your Nintendo Switch’s Mobility Covered

I am sure you already knew that the much anticipated Nintendo console, Switch, has already hit the market and you probably also know that it is marketed as sociable game console in that multiplayers can actually play face-to-face as opposed to current norm of faceless online multiplayer gaming. That being said, it is safe to […]

This Jacket Transforms Into A Bag And Vice Versa While Keeping Things Within

We all been there: we head out in the warm of the day in just berms, t-shirt and a bag, but when the sun sets and the cold takes over, you’d wish you had brought along a jacket. Then again, your bag wouldn’t fit anyways and having to hold on a jacket when you don’t […]

Winged Backpack Puts Wings On Your Back, Turns You Into An Angel

Jeremy Scott may have popularized wings on kicks, but Belarus-based artist Orange Cat Minsk AKA Volha Kotova, known for her felt products on Etsy, may very well popularize bags with wings. In her series of winged backpacks, felts were cut and trim, and put together, layered appropriately, to form wings that look exceeding like those […]

Ikea’s Blue Frakta Bag Redesigned By Hay To Look A Little Classier

You know the iconic blue Ikea Frakta Bag? Yeah. That one. Its polypropylene material somehow leaves it in a state of perpetual crumble, which kind of makes it look cheap. But it is a durable and popular bag, costing just 40 pence each, and it is used by many to store and transport small and […]

Macy’s Team Up With Ryan Seacrest To Mark 2016 Summer Olympics

Retail chain Macy’s have teamed up with prominent Emmy awardee TV/radio host and producer Ryan Seacrest to mark this year’s summer olympic games, to be held in Brazil’s seaside city of Rio de Janeiro, with an exclusive new men’s sportswear capsule collection inspired by, you guessed it, Brazil. Called Ryan Seacrest Distinction Rio Collection, it […]

These Cat Bags Have Bubble Window For Your Cat’s Viewing Pleasure

Unlike dogs (well, most of them, anyways), feline friends are more transportable. You don’t need a vehicle to get it around – all you need is this fantastically cute pet carrier from U-pet. U-pet offers a variety of hip pet carriers, ranging from backpacks to shoulder bags to sport duffels – all of which looks […]