RPG-7 PET Bottles Launcher

RPG-7 PET Bottles Launcher
RPG-7 PET Bottles Launcher | ¥28,350.00 | www.marudai-corp.com

we are aware that NERF offers a variety of high-powered water guns for your summer water battle but they are nothing compared to the RPG-7 PET Bottles Launcher developed by Japanese toy firm, Marudai Co. if there’s one water-based toy weapons that could rule them all, it is this one. styled like the real world rocket-propelled grenade launcher (or RPG in short), this toy weapon is designed to hurl PET bottle rockets at your unfortunate enemies, complete with the recoil effect. using compressed air pressure, the launcher is capable of launching a 1.5-liter water bottle projectile up to a distance of 35 meters (115 feet) at an angle of 35-degree. the RPG-7 PET Bottles Launcher is available to anyone (in Japan) who has ¥28,350 (about US$360) to spare and is 18 years old or older. the toy arrives as a kit packaged in box with a design very unlike its intended purpose. i mean, anime girls in bikini with the RPG-7 over their shoulders? really? who would think of that as a toy water gun? or perhaps, that may be the company’s way of quelling the general public fear of a RPG launcher? anyway, check out a couple of videos of the RPG-7 PET Bottles Launcher in action after the break.

Marudai Co. [JP] via Nerd Approved

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