Bubbly Blaster Turns Champagne Into A Water Gun That Shoots, Well, Champagne

Forget about water guns, the Bubbly Blaster Champagne Blaster takes liquid squirting to the next realm. Bubbly Blaster Champagne Blaster is a device that lets you attach any champagne bottle and turn it into a champers blaster.

New NERF DinoSquad Blasters’ Dino Deco Is A Refreshing Break From The Usual High-tech Aesthetics

What has dinosaurs got to do with guns? Nothing. Toy guns? Nothing either. But that does not make the new NERF DinoSquad Dart and Water Blasters any less awesome.

Notorious Transformers Decepticons Leader Megatron Is Now, Ermm, A Water Gun?

After all these years, someone finally decided to turn the notorious Decepticons leader Megatron into a water gun. Water gun Megatron is an officially licensed Transformers product from toy maker Daiki Kougyou.

Startup Solved One Major Issue With Water Gun, Made It Very High Tech

The original Super Soaker pretty much reinvented water gun. It was considered the most advanced water gun of its time until it was usurped by swappable magazine variety and subsequently, the one that shoots water pellets, and now this: Spyra One. Billed as the next-generation water gun, Spyra One promised to deliver consistent pressure, right …

Guy Collaborates With Sugru To Create Super Cool Water Gatling Gun

if you have been following this blog, chances are you have read about Sugru, a super flexible compound that lets mend and make virtually anything you can think of. well, you probably already know that, don’t you? but what you didn’t know is, it was also part of material that made up this awesome water …

RPG-7 PET Bottles Launcher

we are aware that NERF offers a variety of high-powered water guns for your summer water battle but they are nothing compared to the RPG-7 PET Bottles Launcher developed by Japanese toy firm, Marudai Co. if there’s one water-based toy weapons that could rule them all, it is this one. styled like the real world rocket-propelled grenade launcher, this…