NERF DinoSquad Dart and Water Blasters

What has dinosaurs got to do with guns? Nothing. Toy guns? Nothing either. But that does not make the new NERF DinoSquad Dart and Water Blasters any less awesome.

Not going to lie. After seeing so many “high-tech” look NERF blasters – Super Soaker, included – it is refreshing to see dino-themed NERF. Granted, the NERF DinoSquad Dart and Water Blasters still bear the “high-tech” look. But at least, it has dinosaurs (or cyberdinos?) to break the shape.

The NERF DinoSquad Dart and Water Blasters includes three blaster and one super soaker, namely, NERF DinoSquad Rex-Rampage Blaster (US$39.99), NERF DinoSquad Tricera-Blast Blaster (US$19.99), NERF DinoSquad Stego-Smash Blaster (US$9.99), and NERF Super Soaker DinoSquad Dino-Soak Blaster (US$14.99).

I get why triceratops and stegosaurus were chosen. They both have distinctive features like the horns, the parietal bone thingy, and the plates. However, T-Rex felt rather obligatory because, it was the apex predator during the age of dinosaurs.

NERF DinoSquad Stego-Smash Blaster

Hasbro has put out details on the website yet, but if you are interested in learning more, you may read up the report posted on io9.

Images: Hasbro.

Source: io9.