Wireless charging on-the-go is now easier – thanks to Mophie Juice Pack Connect. Mophie Juice Pack Connect is a power bank, but it is nothing like we have seen before.

Mophie Juice Pack Connect Power Bank

Mophie Juice Pack Connect can wirelessly charge any wireless charging-enabled smartphones while on the move without the risk of it disconnecting.

My current power bank has wireless charging, but I have to be holding two together, or crudely, use rubber bands to bound the two together, if I ever wanted it to charge on the move.

With the Mophie Juice Pack Connect, however, a sliding design allows the 5,000 mAh juice pack to be attached to the back of the phone for wireless charging.

When not charging, you can stow away the juice pack and slide in the include smartphone stand to prop up the phone or for a secure hold.

The Mophie Juice Pack Connect will work with virtually any Qi-enabled smartphone with or without case. For the latter, it will work through cases up to 5mm thick.

It also has pass-through wireless charging too. This means you can wireless charge your phone and juice pack connect at the same time on any Qi-enabled wireless pad or stand.

Mophie Juice Pack Connect Power Bank

It is not the biggest power bank out there in terms of capacity, but the convenience wins it all.

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Finally, charging on the move can be wireless, eliminating the age-old, dreadful cable that sometimes fished out other items when you pull the phone and power bank out of the bag.

Mophie Juice Pack Connect Power Bank can be had for US$73.62 from Amazon.com.

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