Mophie Powerstation All-In-One Power Bank Has A Flip-up Charger For Apple Watch

Mophie has a new power bank that will keep multiple devices from falling into the red, including your Apple Watch. The Mophie powerstation all-in-one, as it is called, will provide much needed juice for both wireless charging-compatible and non-wireless charging devices.

Mophie’s New USB-C Power Bank Can Give Your MacBook A Full Charge

Thanks to the advancement in battery technology, we are free worry of not running out of juice even for gadgets as big as a laptop. The Mophie powerstation AC is one of those power bank to benefit from these tech advancement. Packing a whopping 22,000 mAh and featuring a USB-C port that boasts 30W USB-PD …

Mophie Introduces Power Capsule, A Battery Case For Wireless Headphones

Little reported fact: active lifestyle wireless, in-ear headphones also faces the same battery issue as smartphone and it will ruin your gym trip or travel if the battery die on you. The solution? Charge it with your power bank, or you could go with the Mophie Power Capsule for Wireless Headphones. The solution is quite …

Mophie Juice Pack H2PRO Keeps Your iPhone 6 Juiced and Waterproof Too

Some say that having case over your iPhone is an insult to the phone’s beautiful form, but we beg to differ because, if you truly treasure your device, you would want to keep it out of harm’s way, or at least keep it protected so you can continue enjoy it all day long. The Juice …

Mophie Teamed Up With Valentino To Out Limited Edition Powerstation

designer labels hardly touches the realm of gadgets except for accessories that are pretty much non-tech related, well, that’s if you don’t count TUMI in, but that’s not the point here. the point is, fashion label gadgets are far and few between, much less one that is done in the name of charity, which is …

Mophie Space Pack Battery + Memory Case for iPhone 5/5s

the Mophie Space Pack Battery + Memory Case for iPhone 5/5s is the world’s first battery case with built-in storage for iPhone, that takes a stab at 3 most pressing issues facing iPhone power users: protection, battery life, and

Mophie Juice Pack Air Crystal Collection

we have seen many gadgets and accessories blinged up to the luxe level, but a juice pack? that is probably unheard of until now. meet the Mophie Juice Pack Air Crystal Collection, the “first high-fashion inspired juice pack” from Mophie, developed in partnership with Swarovski Elements.

Mophie Powerstation XL

get rid of all those puny portable batteries and score yourself one of this big bad ass Mophie Powerstation XL that packs an insane 12,000 mAh under the hood and capable of pumping up two tablets with electrons to the brim, simultaneously and yes, it has two USB to do the job. of course, it can also be used to charge up virtually any

Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One

with the awesome features of the HTC One such as the front facing stereo speakers, you probably would ran out of juice a little too soon and that’s why there’s the Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One. available in either black or silver for $99.95 each, the Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One’s slim profile packs a 2,500 mAh rechargeable