the Mophie Space Pack Battery + Memory Case for iPhone 5/5s is the world’s first battery case with built-in storage for iPhone, that takes a stab at three most pressing issues facing iPhone power users: physical phone protection, battery life, and storage needs. it is the slim line battery case from Mophie that you have come to know, offering up to 8 hours more talk time, 10 hours of video playback, or 40 hours of music enjoyment, plus the added bonus of having a local storage space for 16,000 or more photos, over 14 hours of videos, or over 9,000 digital music files. and on top of those, it offers the protection against daily knocks and bumps, while still having access to all ports and buttons, just like a good case should.

access and managing of your files on this new found local storage is through the use of an iOS app, while AirPlay integration allows you to send files to compatible AirPlay devices. the Space Pack also features AirDrop integration, allowing easy sharing of files with other iOS devices. lets face it: the Cloud is not always there for you due to connectivity issues, and even if it does, your phone’s juice is not going to last forever, which makes the Space Pack Battery + Memory Case for iPhone 5/5s a pretty attractive, if not all-rounded solution. choose between 16GB and 32GB models, the Mophie Space Pack Battery + Memory Case for iPhone 5/5s is available for pre-order at Mophie web store for $149.95 and $179.95 for the 16GB and 32GB model, respectively. shipment is expected to begin in March 14, 2014.

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