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Roku TV

unlike the Apple TV, the Roku TV is really a TV and not just a little black box. billed as the new generation of Smart TVs, the Roku plans to grow it (the TV) by licensing the “new reference design platform and software stack to manufacturers to build and distribute Roku TV models.” just think of Roku as the Android of TV where the various makers will turn out Roku-powered TV, which will be collectively known as, well, Roku TV. the first of the Roku TVs will be offered by TCL and Hisense, and they were recently highlighted at Pepcom’s Digital Experience media event during the 2014 International CES. Continue reading Roku TV

Lenovo Beacon Personal Cloud Storage Device

we all know what personal cloud storage is and today’s context, it is a ‘place’ in your home where digital contents resides, so that the whole family can have access to it. this is where an aesthetic problem arises: it need to look good when it is sitting in your living room, which unfortunately, most NAS-turn-cloud storage in the market today doesn’t quite make the mark as far as aesthetic is concerned. this is a problem which the Lenovo Beacon Personal Cloud Storage Device aims to solve. one look at the image above, you already know that, don’t you? basically, this uber sleek device lets authorized members to store and play their media across different devices such as smartphone, tablet, PC or even the TV. Continue reading Lenovo Beacon Personal Cloud Storage Device

Lenovo C560 All-In-One Computer

though the Chinese computer maker Lenovo refers the C560 All-In-One Computer as an affordable machine, it is probably just referring to base model, but still, we can’t deny that a starting price of $659 is pretty enticing, which make the mark for those aren’t aiming to top-notch performance. running on Windows 8.1 (what else?), the C560 sports a 23-inch Full HD display, available with or without multitouch capability, and offers “up to” fourth generation Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce graphics with up to 2GB of video RAM, up to 8GB of system RAM, and up to 2TB of HDD or 2TB SSD. other highlights include onboard Dolby Advanced Audio, DVD writer, WiFi, optional TV tuner, and it will come equipped a pair of USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, a card reader, HDMI-out interface, Ethernet port, and headphone audio and microphone jacks. Continue reading Lenovo C560 All-In-One Computer

JBL Synchros S400BT Bluetooth Headphones

we just can’t enough of good sound and good looking headphones, can we? of course, we can’t. fortunately, we will never have to worry about supply of awesome audio cans. speaking of supply, Harman has announced a few at the 2014 CES and among them is this awesome looking pair known as the JBL Synchros S400BT Bluetooth Headphones. the S400BT packs JBL professional audio sound with PureBass performance, delivered through a set of 40mm driver, as well as advanced aptX encoding for high-quality wireless audio experience. though essentially a Bluetooth headphones, it still offers a plug-in cable to cope with times when the battery runs out of juice and this cable also allow the continue usage of the cans even while the battery is charging. Continue reading JBL Synchros S400BT Bluetooth Headphones

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Essence Music Controller

having our music files on different devices is a modern day ‘problem’ which the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Essence Music Controller wants to get rid of. how so? by letting you access your digital music stash “as easy as turning on the lights”, regardless of whether the music files are on the cloud, on your computer, Network Attached Storage, smartphone or tablet. unlike what the picture depicts, the BeoSound Essence actually consists of two parts: the 6.6 cm (about 2.5 inches) circular music control dial, which connects to a hideaway box (via Bluetooth low energy) that you can keep it hidden in a cabinet or something (but it is pretty enough to be out in open too). Continue reading Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Essence Music Controller

Harman Kardon BDS 580 and BDS 280 Blu-ray System

not content with just a Blu-ray player? then we think this pair of Blu-ray networks entertainment systems from Harman Kardon, namely the BDS 580 5.1 Blu-ray System and BDS 280 2.1 Blu-ray System, might be just right up your couch-potato alley. when a product is being touted as a ‘system’, you know it is going beyond the basics and so are these ‘systems’ here. apart from playing back standard medias like 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and CDs, each player is also equipped with MHL, so your smart devices such as your smartphone or tablet can join in the fun. the MHL naturally also support the Roku Streaming Stick, opening you to a myriad sources of entertainment channel. Continue reading Harman Kardon BDS 580 and BDS 280 Blu-ray System

AKG Y55 DJ Headphones

normally, a pair of DJ headphones is not quite suitable for everyday non-DJ use, but with the AKG Y55 DJ Headphones, it is designed specifically for both. you can expect this pair of DJ audio cans to deliver “legendary AKG signature sound with enhanced bass” in a piece of hardware that is said to have “made to DJ specs.” features include 3.5mm hard gold-plated audio plug, snug-fitting ear cushions, closed-back design to prevent sound bleed and ambient noise disturbance, single-side detachable cable with inline universal remote and integrated microphone, rotatable earcup for one-ear monitoring, a rugged design to stand up to daily abuse, and a 3d-axis fold-flat design to facilitate easy storage and transportation. it comes supplied with a 3.5mm to 6.3mm plug adapter to ensure maximum compatibility with whatever hardware. Continue reading AKG Y55 DJ Headphones

Mophie Space Pack Battery + Memory Case for iPhone 5/5s

the Mophie Space Pack Battery + Memory Case for iPhone 5/5s is the world’s first battery case with built-in storage for iPhone, that takes a stab at three most pressing issues facing iPhone power users: physical phone protection, battery life, and storage needs. it is the slim line battery case from Mophie that you have come to know, offering up to 8 hours more talk time, 10 hours of video playback, or 40 hours of music enjoyment, plus the added bonus of having a local storage space for 16,000 or more photos, over 14 hours of videos, or over 9,000 digital music files. and on top of those, it offers the protection against daily knocks and bumps, while still having access to all ports and buttons, just like a good case should. Continue reading Mophie Space Pack Battery + Memory Case for iPhone 5/5s

CyberPowerPC Fang Battle Box Gaming PC

what you see here is not Tony Stark’s Suitcase Armor (though we hope it was one). this is CyberPowerPC Fang Battle Box Gaming PC, which is clearly one gaming PC that’s designed with avid LAN parties goers in mind. showcased at the 2014 International CES, the Fang Battle Box is essentially a Fang gaming system from CyberPowerPC’s arsenal, but designed with mobility in mind, as hinted, in a not subtly way, by its suitcase-like chassis. we got to say the red LEDs does play a part in the irresistible attraction. under the hood, it has a fourth generation Intel Core i7 4770K processor with 16GB of G.Skill RAM to take care of the clockwork, while a GeForce GTX 780 Ti graphics card sees to the graphics duties. Continue reading CyberPowerPC Fang Battle Box Gaming PC

Razer Nabu SmartBand

unbeknownst to us, there exists a void between a smartwatch and a fitness band. seriously, we weren’t aware there is such a ‘void’ until Razer introduces the Nabu SmartBand. joining the fray of smart devices, Nabu is actually a mash-up of the two, a hybrid if you will, but with the styling that reminiscences of the fitness band available today. on the band are two OLED displays, one 32-pixel square item that displays notification icons, and a larger 128 x 32 pixels screen for displaying texts, emails, caller id and more. the two screens are located opposite side of the band and the band is supposed to be worn with the larger display facing the body. in this way, it will, hopefully, keep prying eyes out of your texts, emails or whatever you have there. Continue reading Razer Nabu SmartBand