assembling and upgrading of PC has remain a geek’s domain, but this bold new concept, the Razer Project Christine Modular PC Concept Design, if realized, will forever change that perception. Project Christine would be the first full modular PC that is designed for perpetual, cable-less customization and upgrading. the PC is basically made up of plug-and-play modules where you get to choose the desired modules, be it the processor, graphics, memory or storage, and install them on-the-fly. based on the PCI-Express (otherwise known as PCI-E) architecture, it will allow virtually any average joe to customize his or her PC to their fancy without worrying about compatbility issues and upgrade it on the fly as new upgrades are available in the market.

with such system, if you ever need more graphics processing power, all you have to do is to plug in additional graphics or simply swap it out for a newer, more power GPU module. additionally, the machine will be able to run multiple operating systems, further expanding the flexibility of use of the machine. each module is akin to a cartridge, designed to be cable-less, self-contained and sealed, and each has its own active liquid cooling and noise isolation systems, thus providing the foundation for factory overclocking components without voiding warranties, while doing it safely and quietly. rounding up the exciting package is a touchscreen LCD display which will play host to control and maintenance information of the PC.

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finally, you get to admire the same beautiful ‘chassis’ for years to come without ever having to worry about being out of date – all without being a geek. at this point, there is no timeline for the development, but knowing Razer, we are confident it will happen, so the question is just ‘when?’ a teaser video awaits after the break to further tickles your imagination of the what could possibly be the future of desktop PC.

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