ASUS x Evangelion EVA-02 PC Gaming Components And Peripherals

While many adore Evangelion Unit-01 but not everyone is a fan of crybaby Shinjin. If you are an Evangelion fan who leans towards a stronger character, then perhaps this collab between the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG), featuring Asuka and her mecha Evangelion Unit-02, may be right up your alley.

UNEVN BASE Is A Gaming PC But Portable And The PC Itself Is A Gaming Desk

A gaming laptop does not actually let you gamine anywhere. It lacks a critical component for gaming anywhere: a desk. That’s not to mention laptops usually lack the raw power of a PC. This age-old dilemma of gaming laptops or gaming desktops remains, well, that’s until BASE comes along.

Custom Toilet Gaming PC Is Perfect For A Game Of CS While Taking A Dump

As impressive as some custom PC builds were, most of them are not radical like, say, the aquarium PC. Well, that’s until recently when the YouTube channel Basically Homeless did the unimaginable: turning a toilet tank into a functional gaming PC while retaining its ability to flush. While the toilet remains totally functional, how well …

Razer Introduces Haptic Feedback Gaming Chair And A Gaming Desk Concept

Razer’s concepts used to get us pretty pumped. But after so many concepts like the Project Christine, Project Valarie, Razer Eracing Simulator Concept, and more recently, Project Brooklyn not materializing, we are less than enthusiastic about Razer’s concepts.

You Have Seen A “Drivable” Custom PC, Now Meet A Rideable Custom PC

We have seen and intrigued by many custom PC builds, including one that’s “drivable”. Now meet one that’s rideable, or should I say, cycle-able. Folks, meet the Yolenzo Exo Giga Bike, a so-called “computer bicycle” and yes, it is totally rideable.

This Fitness Bike Is Also A Gaming Computer Complete With Game Controller

Forget about staring at your phone or TV when doing cardio on an exercise bike. The Playpulse ONE designed by Hong Kong-based Italian design studio Ponti Design Studio for Norwegian startup Playpulse takes entertainment while exercising to the next level. How? The Playpulse ONE is also a gaming computer.