we can’t make out what kind of vehicle the Parrot Jumping Sumo is, so we are just going to go with the French firm description of “half robot, half insect” vehicle. also introduced at the CES, along with the MiniDrone, the Jumping Sumo is probably the most exciting land-going remote control toy we have seen since the remote control flying car. why? because it jumps. instead of having to accumulate enough kinetic energy to make a jump with the aid of a ramp like a normal four wheeled remote control car, the Jumping Sumo is capable of jumping as high as 80 cm (31 inches) from a standstill position. the magic lies in the powerful tail of this “insectoid” that’s design with the sole purpose of ejecting the ‘bot into the air and the coolest part is, it will always land on its wheels no matter what.

like the A.R.Drone, this sumo on wheels is controlled via WiFi 2.4 or 5GHz with your smartphone or tablet and features streaming video so you can operate it like a real drone. man, this does sound like some military-grade stuff here. don’t you think? the vehicle is equipped with a gyroscope and accelerometer that “provides fool-proof agility and intuitive piloting”, and foldable wheels (i.e. extendable stance), allows for improved speed control and tricky moves. it can roll like any wheeled vehicles do, but because of the two-wheel, chariot-like design, it is capable of making 90-degree turns at great speed and with exacting precision, making navigating through narrow spaces and obstacles a breeze, and if all else fails, it can always make the jump. the Parrot Jumping Sumo will be available later this year with an yet to be determined price.

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Parrot Jumping Sumo

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