let’s be honest: we are pretty excited about flying cars, but even with the progress we are seeing, it would be hard pressed for us to see one zipping around in any time soon. the best bet of a flying car experience for now would be the B Remote Control Flying Car. this futuristically-shaped car features enormous wheels (enormous by its body proportion, btw) that allows it to transverse unforgiving terrains and achieves high speeds on flats, and when it hits an impossible obstacle, just take to the sky in its helicopter mode and be on your way again. the B is equipped with four brushless motors that powers four individual propellers located in the confine of each of its 220 mm near-indestructible wheels, plus 2 extra motors are also included in the rear to drive this remote control toy when in its car mode. so, in essence, it is really a remote controlled hybrid car-helicopter that satisfy all grown ups’ fantasy of a flying car. and being a helicopter, it takes off and land vertically without the need for runways, and it is totally capable of transitioning between the two modes as and when you desire.

additionally, it has a durable polycarbonate construction (same material as used in blast shields and some bulletproof applications) that enables it to take on virtually any form of beatings, and on top of that, there’s a built-in HD camera with 32GB microSD card support to record it all in first person perspective. however, there’s a catch here: its 11.1v 2,200 mAh lithium polymer battery only allows up to 15 minutes of action per charge. what a bummer. we were kind of hoping for a little more, but man, the fact that it is a flying car remote control toy is enough to make us look past the 15-minute run time. the B Remote Control Flying Car is on Kickstarter rallying for your support to take this to the production line and by making a pledge of £370 (roughly US$560) you could be securing yourself one ready-to-play example. as always, that ‘pre-order’ will only go through if the project hits its minimum funding goal and in this case, a whopping £86,500 (about US$132,000). however, we are pretty sure B will make the goal. hit the jump for a pledge video to see the B in action and you will know what we mean.

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PS: the B is awesome, and we think aspiring flying car designers could take some design cues from the B. just saying…

Kickstarter via Uncrate

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