Exod Monolith Shelter: Four-season Tent-In-The Air For One

French tent maker responsible for marrying an inflatable exoskeleton tent with a hammock to result in a lightweight, super quick and easy-to-set-up tent that lets you sleep off the ground, away from the creepy crawlies, Exod, is back with a new tent.

Pichi X2 Is A Handy Pocket Tool That Can Deal With Different Sizes Of Bolts And Nuts

Pichi X2 Titanium All-In-One Pocket Tool is NOT yet another multi-tool. It is rather unusual (in a good way, that is) as a multi-tool and as an everyday carry. Yes, it does cutting, screwing, prying. You know, the usuals. However, it has one more trick up its sleeve that most multi-tools failed to address: bolts …

Knyphe Is A Unique Phone Case That Is Also A Stealth For A Pocket Knife

You need a case to protect your phone. You also need to protect yourself with a pocket knife. OK, maybe not to protect yourself but for cutting needs. OK. Maybe you don’t need to carry a knife with you all the time but if you do, there is an upcoming phone case that will satisfy …

Van der Waals Speaker Has Ferrofluid, Not Symbiote, As The Visualizer

For years, I have wondered how is it that nobody invented a lava lamp that dances to music. As it turns out, someone actually did. OK. The Van der Waals Speaker is not a musical lava lamp. It is not a lamp and it does not have molten wax. Instead, it has ferrofluid.

Houndsy Is A Dog Kibble Dispenser That Is Analog And Oozes With Midcentury Vibe

When I tell you that this is a dog feeder, you probably think it is an automatic dog feeder. Your line of thought isn’t wrong at all. After all, if it is a dog feeder, it would be for convenience and hence, automation. However, the Houndsy Kibble Dispenser isn’t an automatic feeder. In fact, it …

JIRENO CUBE4: “World’s Brightest Sealed Portable Projector”

For people who move around often, it may make sense to own a projector instead of a TV. That said, if you are one of these roving people or just happen to be in the market for a projector, Shenzhen-based startup JIRENO has one to offer, and it’s called CUBE4.

DockCase Smart Hub With Built-in Display Could Be Useful As Diagnostic Tool Too

The USB hub is a device born out of necessity. It is a simple device that lets you connect more peripherals to an I/O-starved laptop such as the M1 chip-powered MacBook Pro. But do you need to know what’s going with the things that are connected to it? I don’t know. Probably not. But that …

UFactory Lite 6 Is An Affordable, Six-Axis, Collaborative Robot Arm For Businesses

What you see here is the latest robot arm from the robotic company, UFactory. UFactory has come a long way since the days of the articulated lamp-style robot arm. Billed as the “most affordable collaborative robot arm,” the UFactory Lite 6 is a durable and affordable robot arm with industrial-grade accessories.

ACMug Is Literally The Coolest Mug Because It Is A Portable Air Conditioner Too

Air conditioner and mug are seemingly unrelated objects, but that was before ACMug came along. As the product name hinted, ACMug is a mug AND a portable air conditioner rolled into one.