Marcher 3-way Bag: It’s A Sacoche, A Tote, And A Backpack

If you have a bag for each occasion, you would have amassed a number by now. Whether or not you have a burgeoning closet full of bags or getting there, it is not too late to cut back. You know, for the sake of the closet, the wallet, and the environment.

The Lord of the Rings Playing Cards Feature Original Illustration Based On The First Book

Since we are on the topic of playing cards, there is also something for super fans of The Lord of the Rings too. Tennessee-based luxury playing cards company, Kings Wild Project, is developing LOTR-themed playing cards called The Lord of the Rings Playing Cards Vol. 1.

Tandem Shower By Boona: Two Showerheads For Showering Together!

Don’t blame us if you are single and have no one to shower with. But if you do have a partner and also have the ritual of showering together, then the bathroom angels are smiling at you because there is a bathroom accessory that will let you both enjoy an awesome shower together without having …

Duovox Mate Pro Is A Night Vision Camera That Records In Colors And In 2K Resolution

If you specialize in night photography or videography, then you really have to check out the Duovox Mate Pro True-color Night Vision Camera. Make no mistake. This isn’t your daddy’s IR camera. The Duovox Mate Pro is not only an IR camera that records in colors but it captures images in glorious eye-watering 2K resolution.

Lodge Solar Powered Speakers: It Is Completely Cable-free, Thanks To Bluetooth And Solar Power

You know how some botanical gardens have speakers planted among the flora to deliver soothing music for an extra relaxing experience? Well, with the Lodge Solar Powered Speakers, you can do the same for your home garden, backyard, and poolside too.

The Oru Lake: Light, Simple, And Accessibly Priced Origami Kayak

Unlike certain golf bag, you cannot backpack your kayak to your favorite water spots. Oh, wait. Maybe you can with The Oru Lake. The Oru Lake is the latest origami kayak and it’s the brand’s lightest and simplest yet. It’s just 18 lbs (8 kilograms) and it can be set it up in minutes, or …

Here’s A Real Working Invisibility Shield Money Can Buy

The invisibility cloak we saw a few years ago is now available to buy. There is a catch, though. It is not the patented, made-for-warzones technology by Hyperstealth Biotechnology. This one here, simply called Invisibility Shield, is from a British startup called, well, Invisibility Shield Co. and it is definitely not made for warzones.