There Is An Official 1/10 Scale Hyundai N Vision RC Car Money Can Buy

As drool-worthy as the Hyundai N Vision car is, most of us are unlikely to secure a unit. I know what you are thinking: is it even for sale? Well, it is, kind of. It has been reported that 100 units will be produced in 2026. 100 is not a big number made worse by 30 …

Monster Jam Grave Digger Trax All-Terrain RC: Water Is No Barrier For This Little Guy

You probably know what a monster truck like the Monster Jam Grave Digger is capable of but do you know it can paddle on water too? OK. It can’t but the new Monster Jam Grave Digger Trax All-Terrain RC from Spin Master totally can paddle across water.

CaDA Officially Licensed 2008 Citroën C4 WRC C51078W Building Set

If you like building blocks like LEGO and are also a fan of motorsports, then we have awesome news for you. CaDA, the DOUBLEE Ltd-owned building block toy company, has recently revealed a collaboration with French automaker Citroën for an Officially Licensed Citroën C4 WRC building set.

CloudRC AdvenX3 Cockpit Motion Chair 6DOF Racing Online System: RC Car Meets Motion Driving Simulator

Introducing the 5G FPV RC System, officially known as the CloudRC AdvenX3 Cockpit Motion Chair 6DOF Racing Online System. I know. It’s a mouthful but so is what it has to offer. This rig is the RC enthusiast’s dream come true, or as I like to call it, the “couch potato’s epic racing adventure.”

This Custom RC Car Interior Has A Driver Turns His Head As The Steering Turn And It Pulls The Handbrake Too

Remember the head-tracked FPV RC aircraft? Well, something similar is happening in the RC car world. In fact, the pursuit for authenticity has already resulted in RC cars having scale interiors with a figure of the driver. But now, it has gone even further.

Robosen Transformers Grimlock Auto-Converting Robot: It’s A Walking Robot And A Walking Dino!

Good news, fans of G1 Transformers. Robosen Robotics, the company that brought G1 Optimus Prime to life with an auto-converting robot toy, has just added another G1 character to the premium self-converting robotic toy line. And the character is none other than the King himself, Grimlock.

Remote Control Twin Ion Engine Catamaran By Plasma Channel: Well, It’s A TIE Catamaran!

As it turns out, ships that ply our oceans for both commercial and leisure purposes have created quite a ding for the creatures living in the ocean and causing unnecessary stress to them. One of the solutions to alleviate underwater noise pollution is to go with high-tech sails but Jay Bowles of YouTube channel Plasma …