this is not exactly the Spider-man kind of web, but if you are looking for a case to hold more than just your iPad mini without appearing too IBM executive-like (you know, folio and stuff), then the Web iPad mini Case may just be a good fit. it may not be immediately apparent, but the back of the case is actually of woven elastic web that could be use for storage of loose items such as business cards, invites and the likes, while the iPad mini gets protection via a snap-on plastic bumper frame. though we have to quantify that this may not be the perfect solution for holding pens like what the creator proposed it could do, due to the obvious risk of scratching. additionally, the web serves as a form of handgrip that could prevent accidental slippage of your precious one while reading.

like we said, having knickknacks other than paper products against your bare iPad mini’s back might not the wisest thing to do, but if you are looking for ‘barebone’ case with some value-added functionality, the Web iPad mini Case might just be worthy of your consideration. the Web iPad mini Case is a Quirky project and could be yours for $44.95 each. click through for a few more look.

Quirky via Cool Material

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