Harman Kardon BT & AE Headphones

Harman Kardon BT Headphones
Harman Kardon BT & AE Headphones | from US$149.95 | www.harmankardon.com

tired of conventional roundish outer earcups or earbuds housing? if the answer is yes, then the new Harman Kardon line of headphones might be worthy of the consideration. first off is the Harman Kardon BT Headphones ($249), an over-the-ear cans that has a rather unusual rectangular earcups. designed to work with your iDevices such as your iPhone and iPod Touch, the BT headphones feature 40mm drivers, Bluetooth connectivity with built-in microphone, AAC and aptX wireless coding, two sizes of interchangeable headbands with appropriate touches of aluminum, built-in playback buttons, and a battery that is good for up to 12 hours with option of cabled listening in the even of the battery goes dead. for those who prefer earbuds, the AE in-ear headphones ($149.95) is the buds of choice, also sporting a squarish housing. features include a sleek silver-toned aluminum housing for superior acoustic dampening, 9mm drivers that are optimized to work with the metal housing for extended bass response, a beautiful Apple 3-button remote, and it comes with three sizes of silicone sleeve, along with foam sleeves. also available is an entry-level NI in-ear model ($99.95), a mid-range CL on-ear model ($199), plus a range-topping NC over-ear model ($299). closer look after the break.

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