RÖTH & MYERS Is A Digital Sound Amplifier That Will Make Old Audio Equipment Relevant Today

Turning your dated, but still good-sounding speakers relevant to today’s world is not new. However, if you are looking to amp the sound up with a memorable retro-styling, startup RÖTH & MYERS is here to help with SoundHub.

Dish’s $100 AirTV Player Lets You Watch Local Over-The-Air Channels Too

Set-top box, Apple TV, media player, game console and in some instance, even the good’ol Bluray player, or god forbids, a DVD player, are gadgets one would find stash on the shelves of the TV console of a typical home entertainment buff. Obviously, the result is not impressive, but clutter and this is an area […]

Razer Outs Ripsaw Game Capture Card For Live Streaming Raw Game Footage

Razer has launched a new gaming peripheral that could make you the next Pewdiepie. Actually not exactly. The Razer Ripsaw Game Capture Card don’t guarantee that, but it will however enable you to stream, in 1080p at 60fps, your game to platforms like Twitch and YouTube and with its built-in USB 3.0 port, you’d be […]

Aivvy Puts Pandora-like Service into a Pair of Headphones, But Requires no Internet for ‘Music Streaming’

As of now, a music player like iPod or smartphone and a pair of headphones pretty much addresses the need for on-the-go music for most people. But there is a California startup called Aivvy who has a different approach to on-the-go music. Their first product, Aivvy Q is a pair of smart wireless headphones that […]

Gramofon Cloud Jukebox

ant in today’s context, or so we thought. on the contrary, it is very much alive, but like a resilient bacteria it has evolved and survive as cloud music server in the guise of Pandora, Spotify and the likes. like many before it, Madrid-based crowdsourced WiFi network operator, Fon, wants you to…

Beep Turns Any Speaker Into Wireless Speakers

at this point time, it is safe to say most of us still has quite a number of speakers and/or audio system accumulated over the years, and wirelessly connected they are not. you can change that by acquiring the Beep, a nifty and uber stylish WiFi-enabled device that will turn any speaker into wireless speakers…

ROCKI PLAY WiFi Music System

so you think the audio coming from Bluetooth speakers are pathetic? then you are on the same page as the folks behind the ROCKI PLAY WiFi Music System. that’s the very reason they created ROCKI, a tiny, pocketable device that turns any speakers into WiFi speakers. turning existing speakers into audio streaming speakers is not

Vizio Co-Star LT Stream Player

as you might already guess, the Co-Star LT give your home entertainment a step without having to upgrade the TV set. at the heart of the Co-Star LT is the Vizio Internet Apps Plus that allows you to browse apps while watching live TV. full-screen app browsing is supported, and so are HTM5 app, and Full HD and 3D contents

Grace Digital Bluetooth Integrated Amplifier

give your existing speaker system, be it bookshelf, floor standing, or computer speakers, an instant performance upgrade with the Grace Digital Bluetooth Integrated Amplifier. available in 24-watt (GDI-BTAR122) or 100-watt (GDI-BTAR502) models, the Grace Digital Bluetooth Integrated Amplifier not only amps up your existing system