at this point time, it is safe to say most of us still has quite a number of speakers and/or audio system accumulated over the years, and wirelessly connected they are not. you can change that by acquiring the Beep, a nifty and uber stylish WiFi-enabled device that will turn any speaker into wireless speakers just by simply hooking up your existing speaker or audio system to the Beep’s 3.5mm auxiliary jack, RCA, or optical input. after which, it will need a quick setup on a companion app and you are pretty much all set. Beep lets you spin your favorite tunes from your iOS or Android device to any speaker that is connected with a Beep, which means if you have ten speakers or stereo systems that you want to go wireless, you will need ten Beeps, but as a boon, you can synchronize the music across the rooms for some serious partying mood.

the idea behind Beep isn’t new. there are Bluetooth examples out there for a couple of years now, but the Beep stands out as one that does away with Bluetooth in favor of less range restricting WiFi and also it captures style-conscious, music lovers’ heart with a minimalist and yet striking design that begs to be showed off. the only deal breaker would is, it can only stream audio files loaded onto your mobile devices and only supports Pandora right out of the box – though its creator promised more apps support will be added in due course. the hardware is actually one oversized volume dial/button combo, accompanied with lights for status indication, as well as added sophistication. you can pre-order the Beep for $99 now, which is 50 bucks off the eventual retail price, but be aware that shipping only starts in Fall 2014, plus it is only available to the U.S. what a bummer. check out the promo video after the break.

Beep via Hypebeast

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