getting bash by torrents of snow is bad enough, so who in the right mind would head out and plow the snow? think calling in sick would be a better option, however, if you have a Custom RC 6WD Snow Plow Robot handy, things might turn out differently. though you might have to wake up a little earlier to get the job done, still… it is an exciting proposition nonetheless. this six-wheel drive radio control robot sports a 52-inch wide air-actuated snow plow blade mounted upfront, letting you work your thumbs on the driveway or sidewalk snow, possibly over a cup of hot coffee, in the warm comfort of your pad. of course, you do need windows where you can see where the bot is going.

enclosed within the CNC plasma-cut aluminum chassis are six 24V electric motors, each driving a 13-inch tiller tire, juiced by two 12v batteries connected in series. no run time estimates were offered, but in any case, there is still room within this boxy chassis for two additional batteries for extended run time and added weight for traction. it comes standard with a Spektrum DSMX DX6i transmitter for control, so there is plenty of spare channels to go around for possible DIY hack like spotlight with remote on/off, and remote tilting the plow. yes. by default, the plow tilt is manual, which means braving the cold if adjustment is required. but the folks over at SuperDroid Robots can add that to the remote upon request (for a fee, of course).

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it sure sounds like snow plowing could be fun too, and definitely more practical than the RC Plow we saw last week, but that’s until we saw the price tag. this 393 lbs machine cost a whopping $7,900 to own. pricey, no doubt. which is why you might want to see it in action, which you can do so in the clip below, before plonking down 8 grand for one.

p.s. it might be a good idea NOT to park your prized ride anywhere near where it needs to be plowed. just saying…

SuperDroid Robots via Gear Junkie

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