Tesla Unveiled Development Prototype Of Optimus Robot That Moves And Walks

Elon Musk was the man who warned of a ‘Terminator’-like AI apocalypse and he was also the same person who want to put AI robots into the homes of regular people. Just last year, on Tesla AI Day 2021, Musk announced that Tesla will be developing a Tesla bot. A year on, on Tesla AI …

MetaCat AI-powered Robot Cat Takes Realism To The Next Level LED Screen Eyes

If you like the companion of a cat but are not too fond of its potential destructive behaviors like kicking vases off shelves and tables or turning every furniture into a scratching post, then perhaps an AI-powered robot cat like the Elephant Robotics MetaCat will be a better fit for you.

Xiaomi Unveiled Its Ambitious Plan To Create A Humanoid With “Emotional Perception”

We suspect Xiaomi has plans to take over the world. OK, maybe just plans to take on Tesla and Boston Dynamics. In addition to announcing that it will enter the automobile market and immerse itself in the development of self-driving technology in recent years, the company introduced its take on the robot dog at last …

Swiss-Mile Robot Can Roll On Wheels, Walks On Four Or Walks On Two If Required

It’s a car. It’s a quadruped. It’s a humanoid. No, it’s a Swiss-Mile Robot! Swiss-Mile here are two things: It’s a spinoff of ETH Zurich, the academic institution behind the Spot-like quadruped robot called ANYmal and it is the name of an improved version of ANYmal – especially in the area of mobility.

UFactory Lite 6 Is An Affordable, Six-Axis, Collaborative Robot Arm For Businesses

What you see here is the latest robot arm from the robotic company, UFactory. UFactory has come a long way since the days of the articulated lamp-style robot arm. Billed as the “most affordable collaborative robot arm,” the UFactory Lite 6 is a durable and affordable robot arm with industrial-grade accessories.