Sony aibo Black Sesame Edition Arrives At The U.S., Along With Food And Water Bowls

Almost four years since the limited release of Sony aibo stateside, Sony has announced a new Black Sesame Edition Litter. Originally released in Japan in January 2021, the Sony aibo Black Sesame Edition Litter is the second color variation of the robodog in the U.S.

Swiss-Mile Robot Can Roll On Wheels, Walks On Four Or Walks On Two If Required

It’s a car. It’s a quadruped. It’s a humanoid. No, it’s a Swiss-Mile Robot! Swiss-Mile here are two things: It’s a spinoff of ETH Zurich, the academic institution behind the Spot-like quadruped robot called ANYmal and it is the name of an improved version of ANYmal – especially in the area of mobility.

Are You Ready For Bipedal Robots That Could Fly Like Richard Browning?

Roboticists are beginning to make strides in bipedal robots. That along with limbs with artificial muscles, could one day become humanoids much like those we saw in sci-fi movies like I, Robot.

UFactory Lite 6 Is An Affordable, Six-Axis, Collaborative Robot Arm For Businesses

What you see here is the latest robot arm from the robotic company, UFactory. UFactory has come a long way since the days of the articulated lamp-style robot arm. Billed as the “most affordable collaborative robot arm,” the UFactory Lite 6 is a durable and affordable robot arm with industrial-grade accessories.

Man Developed Artificial Muscles Robotic Arm With Full Range Of Motion

A Polish roboticist, Łukasz Koźlik, better known by his YouTube channel Automaton Robotics has developed a robot arm powered by artificial muscles that not only mimic the complexity of a human arm with a full range of motion but also strong enough to lift a dumbbell.

This AI-powered Robot Will Prowl The Beach To Pick Up Cigarette Butts

In 2017, a Netherland startup experimented with using crows to get rid of the city of cigarette butts. About a year later, in 2018, the project was pulled due to the lack of resources and other reasons. Fast forward to recent years, there is another Dutch company looking to deal with this problem, but this …

Amazon Astro Household Robot: Amazon Alexa Finally Has A Physical Form?

Folks. It is true! Our future will be one foretold by I, Robot (2004, 20th Century Fox) where robots will be rubbing shoulders with us in our homes. Granted this household robot by Amazon, called Amazon Astro, is not bipedal and does not have arms like Sonny. However, it is as close as we will …

Gita Cargo-carrying Following Robot Now Has A Little Brother Called Gitamini

Remember the “Squad Mission Support System” for civilians, Gita by Piaggio Fast Forward? While Gita is cool, it is expensive and heavy to handle when it needs to be lifted. Well, the good news is, for those who do not need a full 40 lbs (18 kg) of payload, there is now a smaller, nifty …

Atoun Koma 1.5 Small Powered Suit: Load Bearing Suit That Rolls And Climbs Stairs

There is no question that wheels are better than legs. Even the creator of Evangelion has given one EVA unit wheels (Provisional Unit-05). But wheels have its limitation, such as when encountering uneven surfaces like a flight of stairs. ATOUN, Panasonic’s in-house venture system specializing in Exo suits has overcome this by combining the best …