The World’s First Ultra-realistic Humanoid AI Robot Artist Is Having A Second Exhibition

Imagine a future where humans are appreciating art… created by A.I. robots. Wait a minute. Don’t need to imagine, because that is already happening. The world’s first ultra-realistic humanoid AI robot artist, Ai-Da, not only held her first solo exhibition; she already selling her work of art too.

Researchers Developed Insect-scale Robot That Moves Without Battery And Motor

There is a couple of stumbling blocks when developing tiny robots. Propulsion and power source. How do we get an insect-size robot to move with clunky servos and motors, and also with battery taking the space and weighing it down? Well, it looks like researchers of Autonomous Microrobotic Systems Laboratory (AMSL) at University of Southern […]

Japan’s Ramen Chain, Kourakuen, Deploys Non-Contact Robot Food Server

With the pandemic showing no sign of slowing down, let alone stopping, it calls for a new normal. Part of the new normal is continual social distancing and donning of face mask. In Japan, something else is happening too.

Remotely Operated Straight Razor-wielding Robot Because, Science

If you cringed at the prospect of a robot cutting your hair with a pair of scissors, then you better look away from this research project by John Whitney at Northeastern University. John Whitney and his students have a submitted a paper entitled “Series Elastic Force Control for Soft Robotic Fluid Actuators.”

Dude Made A Robot That Cuts His Hair With A Pair Of Scissors (And It Actually Works!)

I am sure you have read enough about quarantine haircut. However, I am pretty sure that you have yet to come across a quarantine haircut that’s done by a robot. A homemade robot, to be exact. And homemade haircutting robot is exactly what YouTuber Shane of Stuff Made Here has made.

Give Your Kids A Head Start In Robotics With The New LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor 5-in-1 Set

Robot is, without doubt, the future. You can prepare your young ones for this future by giving them a head start in STEM education which LEGO wants to be part of, with the upcoming LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor 5-in-1 Set – first addition to LEGO Mindstorms theme in seven years.

Gita Is A Robot That Carries Stuff For You And Autonomously Follow You

Soldiers have the Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) to relieve them of heavy load. You, too, can have your own “SMSS” but it ain’t from Lockheed Martin and it most certainly don’t have a payload of half a ton.

You Heard It Is Going To Be Available, Now You Can Finally Buy Spot Robot Dog For US$74K

You saw Adam Savage made it do rickshaw duty. You have seen it patrolling the park of Singapore to keep social distancing in check and you have seen it worked as a pack to haul a truck. And now, it is finally available for sale.