The Dualit 24-Carat Gold Plated Classic Toaster here just make buying a palatial house or 24-carat diamonds look seemingly non-opulent. Why? Because taking an appliance that has a design dating as far back as the 1940s (read: classic) and coating it (or part of it) in 24-carat gold is beyond mere opulence. It is a toaster for goodness sake and you got to be a toast maniac to be dropping 1,000 quid (or US$1,582 based on the current going rate) on a kitchen appliance. But make no mistake, this toaster is special, though not in the functionality aspect, mind you. It is special because each classic toaster’s 168 components is hand-assembled by an individual (a toaster engineer, I supposed?) in the UK and each unit will bear a base plate with the name of the individual responsible on it, much like AMG’s engines and Vertu’s phones.

Beyond that, you can expect to use the midas-touched classic toaster like most toasters, which includes toasting your favorite old bread – up to four slices at once – if that pleases you, plus warming up frozen slices and bagels, and it features a removable crumb tray, so you can keep this very precious appliance squeaky clean on the inside too. The inside isn’t coated in gold and therefore you are totally free to use it like a regular toaster. By toasters’ standard, a regular Dualit classic toaster by itself isn’t cheap and this particular example only takes it several hundred notches up the extravagant scale. only. If 1,000 quid is deemed spare change to you, then head on down to Selfridges department store, where it is exclusively sold there. Don’t have the money? That’s ok too, because this object of opulence will be on display at Selfridges’ window display for this holiday season where you can feast your eyes with the blinged toaster without dropping a dime.

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