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Razer CEO Acknowledged Fans Won Challenge, Said Razer Toaster Is A Go

It was an April Fools’ Day joke in 2016 and three years on, Razer CEO announced that Razer Toaster is a go. That’s right, folks, we are getting a Razer Toaster! Is that not a brilliant news? Even before Razer put the toaster up as a joke, there was already a movement to rally for a real Razer Toaster. It started when Mark Withers saw a comment by a man named Michael who jokingly asked Tan Min-Liang about a Razer Toaster. Continue reading Razer CEO Acknowledged Fans Won Challenge, Said Razer Toaster Is A Go

Griffin App-enabled Toaster Lets You Dictate The Outcome Of Your Toasts

Good news, toasted bread connoisseurs! How you savor that delicious, crispy dough-based food is going to change forever – thanks to Griffin Technology Connected Toaster. This full-featured digital toaster works with a companion app via Bluetooth to ensure your toasts turn out exactly as you have envisioned. This two-slot toaster is equipped with digital temperature adjustment which allows you to dial in your preferences like the bread type, darkness,and what not. Once set, the app remembers your preferences so you’d be getting the exact same toast every time. Continue reading Griffin App-enabled Toaster Lets You Dictate The Outcome Of Your Toasts

Dualit’s Classic Toaster Gets Gold Plated Makeover for the Ultimate (Breakfast) Opulence

The Dualit 24-Carat Gold Plated Classic Toaster here just make buying a palatial house or 24-carat diamonds look seemingly non-opulent. Why? Because taking an appliance that has a design dating as far back as the 1940s (read: classic) and coating it (or part of it) in 24-carat gold is beyond mere opulence. It is a toaster for goodness sake and you got to be a toast maniac to be dropping 1,000 quid (or US$1,582 based on the current going rate) on a kitchen appliance. But make no mistake, this toaster is special, though not in the functionality aspect, mind you. It is special because each classic toaster’s 168 components is hand-assembled by an individual (a toaster engineer, I supposed?) in the UK and each unit will bear a base plate with the name of the individual responsible on it, much like AMG’s engines and Vertu’s phones. Continue reading Dualit’s Classic Toaster Gets Gold Plated Makeover for the Ultimate (Breakfast) Opulence

What We Have Missed: Day 208, Week 30 In The Year Of 2014

2015 Toyota Sienna Toyota Sienna Lets You Scream At Your Kids Without Turning Around
the new 2015 Toyota Sienna features a built-in microphone up front that will amplify your speech and output them through the rear speakers, thus solving the age-old problem of parents needing to response (mostly screaming) at their unruly kids while driving. nothing breaking, but surely useful. LEARN MORE.

2015 Fiat Panda Cross Fiat Panda Now Want To Takes On The Beaten Paths
based on the Fiat Panda 4×4, the Fiat Panda Cross features Torque-on-Demand all-wheel drive with ESC, Electronic Locking Differential and Hill Descent Control, oversized tires, improved attack angles, more ground clearance, plus other improvements for enhanced all-terrain capability. from £15,945. BUY

The MG Watch By Ernst Graaf The MG Watch By Ernst Graaf
officially licensed by MG, the new MG Watch collection is powered by Swiss movements, plus features including a stainless steel case, a 1950s MG TD radiator grilled watch face, hardened mineral glass, Cordovan straps, and water resistant to 5 bar. limited to 100 units per model per annum. £1,405. BUY.

Dainese Manis Back Protector Dainese Manis Back Protector For Riders
unless there is a real airbag solution that’s practical and actually works, riders looking to protect themselves while on a motorbike has to look to protection like this Dainese Manis Back Protector which offers freedom of movement and a design that dissipates the energy in the even of an impact. $209.95. BUY.

Selfie Toaster Selfie Toaster Lets You Eat Your Own Selfie For Breakfast
now that you have taken your selfies, Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp wants you to eat it by transferring your selfie of choice into a toaster where you can have your selfie imprinted on your toasts and eat it. this is made possible by transferring the selfie onto a metal plate which is inserted into the toaster. $75. BUY. [via]

The Best Two Slice Toaster

there are growing number of connected home appliances, but one thing for sure, we like our toasters the way it is – if the toaster in question is The Best Two Slice Toaster (as usual, that’s the name bestowed on it by Hammacher). according to Hammacher, this sleek toaster can consistently turn out perfectly browned toaster than any model. at this point, we are assuming the folks have tested them, so we are going to go with their claim. unlike typical toasters which has a side-by-side setup, The Best Two Slice Toaster has a “series” arrangement and together with a generous seven browning settings, offers just the right browning you desire on both sides of the toast. it has a 9 1/2″ long slot for accommodating varied types of sliced bread and guides within to automatically center the bread in front of the heating elements. Continue reading The Best Two Slice Toaster

Panasonic Breakfast Collection Kitchen Appliances

toaster, coffee maker and kettle are kitchen appliances that most of us wouldn’t pay much attention to. however, in case you do, you might want to get to know the Panasonic Breakfast Collection Kitchen Appliances – a series of small appliances bearing what the Japanese electronics maker described as “bold and ambitious design aesthetics”. we totally concur with that statement. how else do you think the Breakfast Collection has our full attention? the range is set to be available in June and includes a toaster, a coffee maker and a kettle. in this collection, Panasonic experiments the use of glass – in a choice of violet or smoke – and stainless steel, and combining them with modern shape (read: square-ish form) with clean lines that give the appliances an art-meet-contemporary technology feel to them. hit past the jump for more details on each of the appliances. Continue reading Panasonic Breakfast Collection Kitchen Appliances

Honda Toaster Oven

Honda makes automobile, motorcycles, outboard motors and possibly, in near future, aircraft but a toaster? not that we have heard of but here it is, right before our disbelieving eyes, a Honda Toaster Oven from Sunbeam. what’s more unbelievable is, this vintage-style toaster is made from an actual Honda motorcycle gas tank (we know you already suspect that, don’t you?). little is known about this beauty but then again, why should there be a need to when all you need to know is you will have the perfect conversational piece in your kitchen where all your motorcycle junkie buds can get a toast or two right out of a part of the most passionate thing in your lives – a bike’s gas tank. Continue reading Honda Toaster Oven

Roastie Toaster: a slice at a time ensure a perfect toast

Roastie Toaster Concept 544x508px
(credit: Mateusz Główka)

what you see above is not a teleportation device from the distant future and the bread is not heading in for a tanning session or maybe it is. dreamt up by design student Mateusz Główka from the Academy of Fine Arts in Crakow, Poland, the Roastie is the next thing a man wants besides a perfect wife. Continue reading Roastie Toaster: a slice at a time ensure a perfect toast

spice up your morning toasts with Pop Art Toaster

Pop Art Toaster 544x488px
(image credit: ThinkGeek) Pop Art Toaster | US$44.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

imagine this: you woke up to the irritating sound of the alarm clock in the morning, stumbled sleepily into the bath and washed up, hoping the toothbrush don’t end up in your nose. you get yourself changed and head on down to your kitchen for a good hearty breakfast. after which, you proceed with the journey to your office, probably somewhere downtown and probably, dropping juniors at their schools while on the way. sound monotonous? Continue reading spice up your morning toasts with Pop Art Toaster

ultimate breakfast combo: slices of toasts and radio

Breville Radio Toaster 544x488
(image credit: Breville) Breville 2 Slice Radio Toaster | £49.99 | www.breville.co.uk

if you are one of those who needs a little music and toasts to kickstart your day, Breville has a solution for you. introducing the Breville Radio Toaster, or is it a Toaster Radio? either way, this nifty kitchen gadget will ensure you get your daily morning fix for both music and toast – simultaneously. sounds wonderful. isn’t it?

on the toaster end, the Radio Toaster features a 2-slice variable wide slots catering to both thin and thick slices of bread and the variable browning control ensures the toast turns out exactly the way you wanted it. it also supports common duty expected of a modern day toaster such as reheating and defrosting, and it allows mid-cycle canceling, in case you decided to abort the whole toasting thing.

beyond its retro-ish appearance, it has a non-retro element slapped onto it – which is the toaster’s music department in the form of a FM/AM radio with ten preset radio channels. an illuminated digital display shows you what channel you are on and an auxiliary-in is present, just in case you find the morning radio sucks and you needed an MP3 to save the morning from turning into a disaster.

the Breville Toaster Radio retails at £49.99 (about US$81) which is inexpensive, considering it has two functions rolled into one. sure, you can always have a toaster and a music player on your breakfast table, but why not cut the clutter with a one piece gadget and in the process, freeing up the space for more toast? sounds like an awesome idea.