This Toaster Costs $400 And It Only Toasts One Slice Of Bread At A Time

What you see here is possibly the world’s most expensive toaster now from Mitsubishi Electric. Officially called Mitsubishi Electric Bread Oven TO-ST1-T, this beautiful kitchen appliance is, without doubt, a toast bread connoisseur product because of the high price tag, which we are talking about a cool $400, and also the fact that it only […]

Razer CEO Acknowledged Fans Won Challenge, Said Razer Toaster Is A Go

It was an April Fools’ Day joke in 2016 and three years on, Razer CEO announced that Razer Toaster is a go. That’s right, folks, we are getting a Razer Toaster! Is that not a brilliant news? Even before Razer put the toaster up as a joke, there was already a movement to rally for […]

Griffin App-enabled Toaster Lets You Dictate The Outcome Of Your Toasts

Good news, toasted bread connoisseurs! How you savor that delicious, crispy dough-based food is going to change forever – thanks to Griffin Technology Connected Toaster. This full-featured digital toaster works with a companion app via Bluetooth to ensure your toasts turn out exactly as you have envisioned. This two-slot toaster is equipped with digital temperature […]

Dualit’s Classic Toaster Gets Gold Plated Makeover for the Ultimate (Breakfast) Opulence

The Dualit 24-Carat Gold Plated Classic Toaster here just make buying a palatial house or 24-carat diamonds look seemingly non-opulent. Why? Because taking an appliance that has a design dating as far back as the 1940s (read: classic) and coating it (or part of it) in 24-carat gold is beyond mere opulence. It is a […]

What We Have Missed: Day 208, Week 30 In The Year Of 2014

Toyota Sienna Lets You Scream At Your Kids Without Turning Around the new 2015 Toyota Sienna features a built-in microphone up front that will amplify your speech and output them through the rear speakers, thus solving the age-old problem of parents needing to response (mostly screaming) at their unruly kids while driving. nothing breaking, but […]

The Best Two Slice Toaster

there are growing number of connected home appliances, but one thing for sure, we like our toasters the way it is – if the toaster in question is The Best Two Slice Toaster (as usual, that’s the name bestowed on it by Hammacher). according to Hammacher, this sleek toaster can consistently turn out perfectly browned toaster than any model.

Panasonic Breakfast Collection Kitchen Appliances

toaster, coffee maker and kettle are kitchen appliances that most of us wouldn’t pay much attention to. however, in case you do, you might want to get to know the Panasonic Breakfast Collection Kitchen Appliances – a series of small appliances bearing what the Japanese electronics maker described as “bold and ambitious

Honda Toaster Oven

Honda makes automobile, motorcycles, outboard motors and possibly, in near future, aircraft but a toaster? not that we have heard of but here it is, right before our disbelieving eyes, a Honda Toaster Oven from Sunbeam. what’s more unbelievable is, this vintage-style toaster is made from an actual Honda motorcycle gas tank (we know you