It was an April Fools’ Day joke in 2016 and three years on, Razer CEO announced that Razer Toaster is a go. That’s right, folks, we are getting a Razer Toaster! Is that not a brilliant news? Even before Razer put the toaster up as a joke, there was already a movement to rally for a real Razer Toaster. It started when Mark Withers saw a comment by a man named Michael who jokingly asked Tan Min-Liang about a Razer Toaster.

The light bulb was lit and Mark knew it has to happen and thus, he began “cyberstalking” Tan’s post on social media, commenting on every single status Tan posted (read: haunting him for a toaster). Then, it happened. Tan took noticed and put forth a challenge. He said, if Withers managed to get a million likes on his Give us the Razer Toaster Facebook page, he will make him a Razer Toaster.

The challenge was accepted and six years on, Give us the Razer Toaster Facebook page made the mark. But the thing is, the page now has 40K+ likes, so what gives? Well, you see, it would probably takes till the cows come home to meet the million likes if not for one “counter-offer.”

The page admin, after learning that Tan had offer a dude an equivalent of 100K likes for a tattoo of the Razer Toaster, reached out to Tan to ask if each fan were to tattoo of a Razer Toaster on him/her, could Razer count each tat as 100,000 likes. That was about 2 months ago.

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Tan agree, presumably never thought it would actually happen, but clearly forgotten what fans would do to get what they desire (remember the one guy who tattooed Min-Liang’s face on his calf to get a free Razer Phone?). Then, 12 people signed up to have the Razer Toaster tattoo on them and boom! The challenge was met and then some.

Razer CEO Green Lit Razer Toaster

Tan took to Facebook on April 29 to acknowledge that the challenge has been met. Before you get too excited, you have to calm down because, Tan said it will take a few years to materialize and promised to share the progress as they become available.

The subject of a joke by one person, taken seriously by another, helped by the community, is now a reality. Well, going to be a reality. Like, who would have thought it would eventually happen? Definitely not me. Anyways, I sure hope it is Chroma enabled like the the Razer mug.

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