Samsung Bespoke Appliances From Around the World

Let’s face it. Home appliances are monotonous. Sure, some are sleek but they are hardly eye-catching. This is where Samsung Bespoke Appliances aims to make a difference. Samsung has recently introduced its bespoke appliances in Singapore, starting with eight Disney-themed designs, featuring endearing characters like Mickey, Donald, Pluto, and more.

5 Great Tech To Have In Your Kitchen

Whether you’re an enthusiastic cook or not, it’s still useful to have smart utensils and gadgets in your kitchen to make meal preparation easier. They can also help you to keep your kitchen clean and even enhance the aesthetics of the room in some cases, too. If you are looking to add some new tech …

Retro-chic Buydeem Kitchen Appliance Is Extending Prime Day Discount Till July 20th

KitchenAid is a kitchen appliance brand that is full of retro vibes and it is not alone in dabbling in retro designs. If you don’t already know, there is an alternative called Buydeem. Buydeem is no direct copy of Kitchenaid style, though; its appliances are both retro and modern at the same time. I guess …

ANAORI Kakugama All-In-One Cooking Appliance: Carbon Graphite Goodness?

I am beginning to suspect that Japanese consumers have a thing for exorbitant kitchen appliances. Sure, the ANAORI Kakugama All-In-One Cooking Appliance may be the second super expensive kitchen appliance we have seen after Mitsubishi Electric Bread Oven but the starting price of US$2,460 (!) really had us believe that there’s really a market for …

Here Are A Few Of New High-tech Home Products From Samsung

If high-tech home products are your thing, you will be pleased to learn about a bunch of new high-tech home products from Samsung. In addition to the company’s bread butter (i.e. phones, refrigerators, and TVs), there’s a new cordless stick vacuum, a faucet, a ridiculously wide microwave oven and an induction range.