The Benefits Of Taking Up Pressure Cooking

The UK has fallen back in love with cooking, after lockdown restrictions in 2020 and 2021 saw more of us cooking up a storm in the kitchen. But with many of us now back at work in the office, it is once again hard to find the time to devote to the activity. What if …

ANAORI Kakugama All-In-One Cooking Appliance: Carbon Graphite Goodness?

I am beginning to suspect that Japanese consumers have a thing for exorbitant kitchen appliances. Sure, the ANAORI Kakugama All-In-One Cooking Appliance may be the second super expensive kitchen appliance we have seen after Mitsubishi Electric Bread Oven but the starting price of US$2,460 (!) really had us believe that there’s really a market for …

Balmuda The Brew Takes Open Drip Coffee Making To The Next Level

After the success of Balmuda’s first kitchen appliance, Balmuda The Toaster, a coffee maker was planned. However, it would be six years before it happen. In between, a kettle, a rice cooker and a microwave oven joined the growing artisanal kitchen appliances.

Pod Or Ground Coffee? Well, The nutribullet Brew Choice Pod and Carafe Does Both!

Pod or carafe? It’s a dreadful decision for some coffee drinkers, but with the nutribullet Brew Choice Pod and Carafe, you get the best of both worlds. This dual coffee maker allows for both single-serve pods and drip brewing in one machine.

Here Are A Few Of New High-tech Home Products From Samsung

If high-tech home products are your thing, you will be pleased to learn about a bunch of new high-tech home products from Samsung. In addition to the company’s bread butter (i.e. phones, refrigerators, and TVs), there’s a new cordless stick vacuum, a faucet, a ridiculously wide microwave oven and an induction range.

The Bruvi Is The Dream Coffee Machine For Environment-conscious Coffee Lovers

Single-serve coffee machine is perhaps the best thing ever happen to coffee. But the convenience sacrifices taste and causes environmental impact from the single-use pods. The Bruvi Coffee Machine from LA-based startup Bruvi aims to address those issues and then some.

Behold! KFC Video Game Console Is Real! And It Is, Ermmm, An Oven Too?

This is it. The KFC video game console we wrote about in June has been officially unveiled. And yes, apparently, it is real. In fact, it is not just a video game console. It is, well, a KFC oven too. Believe it (which, if I can be really, really honest, I find it hard to …

Sharp Smart Microwave Ovens Are WiFi-connected, Alexa-enabled, And Tuned For Popping Popcorn

Sharp has recently revealed its first smart countertop microwave ovens that boasts WiFi connectivity and Alexa compatibility. The Sharp Smart Carousel Countertop Microwave Oven is offered in two sizes: a 1.1 cu.ft. (SMC1139FS) and 1.4 cu.ft. (SMC1449FS).

Bold Transparent Toaster Lets You Witness Breads Turning Into Golden Brown Toasts

Toasters are like sorcery. You put soft, white bread in it and minutes later, crispy, golden toast popped out. Its magical. And if it is magic, wouldn’t it be nice to witness it turn from soft, white breads to golden brown, crispy toasts? Well, that’s exactly what this concept Bold Transparent Toaster by HOLO Design …