Well, we sure did not see this coming. Xbox has just announced something that makes us double-take today’s date, making sure today isn’t April 1st. Microsoft’s console division has announced a toaster. That’s right. A toaster! So, yeah, get ready to level up your breakfast with the Xbox toaster.

Xbox Series S Toaster from Ukonic

It’s not just a toaster, it’s a gaming-inspired kitchen gadget modeled after the Xbox Series S gaming console that reheats stuff too. Possibly packed with more features than your Xbox, this toaster further rocks a defrost button for thawing items straight out of your Xbox Series X Fridge or just any freezer.

With a shade selector dial that doubles as a digital LED countdown timer/clock, you can toast your bread and bagels just how you like them, from light to dark. The coolest part? It brands your bread with the Xbox Sphere logo so that you can literally eat Xbox (logo) for breakfast.

Other features include a wide slot with a self-centering bread guide, an anti-jam function, automatic temperature control, a removable crumb tray, non-stick coated plates, no-burn outer surface, and a bagel button for making artisan load, bagels, frozen waffles, Texas toast, or English muffins toasty. Perfect for gamers and toast enthusiasts alike, it’s a fun, functional addition to any kitchen.

Xbox Series S Toaster from Ukonic

Unlike the Razer Toaster, the Xbox Series S Toaster from Ukonic is available to buy for US$39.99 from Walmart.com. No, wait. It appears to have sold out. But are you even surprised?

Xbox Series S Toaster from Ukonic

Images: Xbox/Ukonic via Walmart.

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