Limited Edition KitchenAid Hand-Painted Stand Mixers

Limited Edition KitchenAid Hand-Painted Stand Mixers - Leopard
Limited Edition KitchenAid Hand-Painted Stand Mixers | US$1,899.00 |

you can make your kitchen to look like an art house by putting up awesome art pictures or clutter them with decorative art objects or you could get yourself a functional kitchen appliance spiced with fine work of art like this Limited Edition KitchenAid Hand-Painted Stand Mixers. these special models stands out as individual creation with each numbered and signed by graphic artist Dean Loucks. based on the firm’s tilt-head model (KSM155GB), these hand-painted limited edition variations feature the same ten-speed mixing, a five-quart capacity glass bowl with measurement markings and the iconic form that KitchenAid has been known for. the series comprises of six original designs including leopard, snow leopard and noir leopard, zebra-striped Serengeti, floral-inspired golden pedals design, and shimmer, featuring the Loucks’ signature blue flowers design. the only trade off is, like any great art pieces, the Limited Edition KitchenAid Hand-Painted Stand Mixer come with a bank-busting sticker of $1,899 each.

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  1. Real brain child of custom painted KitchenAid mixers is this woman, who has been designing them and selling them for quite sometime. They are truly gorgeous creations. While the company contact her but ultimately chose another artist to carry out this line, the series has way too much of an uncanny resemblance to her designs and ideas. Down to the tone and color. Check out her gallery and decide for yourself. Posting this because she is a fellow Washingtonian and saw her news story…not cool, KitchenAid, not cool. Support artists over profit.

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