FinalPress Is A Nifty Device That Lets You Make Coffee With Just A Mug And Hot Water

I love coffee. I cannot imagine life without it. But this pleasure comes with a mess. You know. Filter to dispose of, coffee machine to clean, and whatnot. If only it could be easier… well, enters FinalPress. FinalPress is a nifty device that lets you make coffee as long as you have a mug, ground …

Draft Top Goes PRO With A Countertop Device That Makes Any Can Beverage Topless

Draft Top, the handy “can opener” that makes any beverage can go topless and safe for the mouth, has just gone PRO. Like, really, really, really PRO. Aptly dubbed Draft Top PRO, it is a countertop device that does the same as the Draft Top LIFT but at scale for the home bar and stadiums.

SpaceX Starship Torch Is Also A 1:200 Scale Model Of SpaceX’s Starship Spacecraft

Who’s down to getting another piece of merchandise from one of Elon Musk’s companies? If you are, SpaceX has something really cool, well, maybe hot, for you. Folks, meet the SpaceX Starship Torch. Yes. Torch. For the British English educated, that’s not a flashlight that we are talking about; it is a torch that breathes …

This Is PBJ X Pro, It Is The Swiss Knife For Making Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

The age-old debate about what utensil to use and how it should be used when creating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will never have a resolution. However, there is one tool that will have you covered no matter what is your choice of utensil – unless your choice is the pump.

Anytongs: All The Tongs You Need As Long As You Have Cutlery

Let’s face it. If you cook, you will need at least a pair of tongs, or do you? Because since the invention of Anytongs, regular tongs have probably seen the last of their days. OK. Maybe not if you need it for flipping hot patties because I don’t believe it is good when too near …

SplatterDōm Is A Splatter Guard For Pots And Pans To Eliminate Messy Stovetop

If you cook at home using pots and pans, you will have encountered the inevitable: messy stovetop from the sauces splattering out of pots and pans during cooking. Cooking may be fun but the aftermath may push your sanity to the edge. Thankfully, there is a clever solution and it is called SplatterDōm.

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