I love coffee. I cannot imagine life without it. But this pleasure comes with a mess. You know. Filter to dispose of, coffee machine to clean, and whatnot. If only it could be easier… well, enters FinalPress. FinalPress is a nifty device that lets you make coffee as long as you have a mug, ground coffee, and hot water. Absolutely no power and no filter are required.

FinalPress Direct-in-Cup Coffee Brewer

The first iteration of the FinalPress was introduced two years ago. Recently, ADVENCHER, the company behind it, introduced a new and improved model based on the feedback of real-world users. But what is a FinalPress? In simple terms, it is a coffee plunger that you use directly in a cup.

All you need is to add your choice of ground coffee and dip it into a mug of hot water. The “plunger” is made up of precision-engineered parts and includes its own laser-cut 200-micron filter. Also included is a mason jar lid for making a cold brew and a carrying sleeve for carrying it wherever you go.

The design allows FinalPress to be used at home or when you are out and about, such as camping, picnic, et cetera. All you need is to bring the ground coffee and hot water or a device that lets you make hot water.

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FinalPress Direct-in-Cup Coffee Brewer

FinalPress boasts a patent-pending mechanism that lets you take control of the brewing process. In addition to stirring between 10 to 30 seconds, depending on the strength you prefer, and leaving it to brew inside the mug, the plunger system is the key to regulating the richness of the coffee.

The device also promises an easy-to-clean design. Apparently, the honeycomb hexagon design helps to prevent coffee grounds from sticking.

If you are down, you can learn more about FinalPress over on Kickstarter where it is being crowdfunded. If so desire, you can also make a pledge of US$49 or more to secure a unit.

FinalPress Direct-in-Cup Coffee Brewer
It is good for tea…
FinalPress Direct-in-Cup Coffee Brewer
… and cold brew too.

Images: Kickstarter.

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